You have probably seen a Bimini Ring Game in your travels.

by:Ultimate     2020-11-23

It's such a simple game to play and so much fun you and your friends will definitely find hours and hours of entertainment playing this game. Many bars and restaraunts offer a free prize or gift to those that are able to land a ringer. Read below and learn how to start winning your share of the treasure!

How to play... Typically - the Bimini Ring Game consists of a 1.5 to 2.0 inch diameter metal ring anchored to a ceiling or overhang by a string. The ring is swung like a pendulum from it's anchor point towards a large hook attached to a wall or post. When the ring is adjusted to the correct distance to the hook it's possible to land the ring on the hook without it jumping off.

Although it may look easy, and may even sound quite simple, the act of finessing the ring onto the hook is difficult when you first start out.

You first need to figure out how hard to toss the ring - my experience says that if the ring hits the back board or post the hook is attached to - then you tossed the ring too hard and need to toss it a little softer. If the ring however, did not make it all the way to the hook - then obviously you did not toss it hard enough. The perfect toss is one where the ring travels just far enough to where it goes slightly above the top of the hook but does not hit the backboard or the post the hook is attached to. With some practice - you'll soon learn the correct amount of effort required to make a perfect toss. Figuring out the correct distance or how hard to toss the ring however, is only the first part of the learning process.

You'll next need to figure out how to send the ring off to one side or the other so it has a slight curve as it heads towards the hook. Sending the ring straight at the hook will result in the ring hitting the hook dead on and bouncing off the hook - back towards the person tossing it. By sending the ring a little to the left or right of the hook it will swing out a little then curve back towards the hook and land on top of it! Try picking a point 4 inches or so to the left or right side of the hook and send the ring towards that point. That should cause the swing of the rings path to curve outward slightly - just enough so it will curve back towards the hook and land on top of the hook.

With practice you'll be landing ringers frequently with your new found talent. If you are lucky enough to have someone to fetch for you, you can 'freeze' your position and keep trying to set a new record for the most consecutive ringers made by having someone else un-hook the ring and send it back to you - of course, you get to do the same for them when it's their turn to toss the ring. My personal best is 7 ringers in a row. No doubt there are many others that play the Bimini Ring Game that have made many more in a row than I have. Still - it's great fun and the only person you are really competing against is you!

Ready to start? Bimini Ring Games are available in many different and colorful styles and designs, from the simplest of starter kits to the more sophisticated multi user games you'll find lots to choose from with a wide array of pricing. Hundreds of people have used the techniques described above to win cool gifts and prizes playing the Bimini Ring Game.

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