why are scuba tanks placed in water for refilling?

by:Ultimate     2020-11-29
A common practice of filling a scuba tank is to immerse the cylinder in the water.
This approach is mainly to improve the filling rate of the scuba water tank.
Pressure and temperature when the scuba water tank is full, an increase in pressure inside the cylinder will result in an increase in temperature.
Water as coolant the water around the lung water tank takes heat away from the cylinder more than the air.
Temperature reduction the heat transferred from the scuba water tank reduces the speed at which the temperature rises during filling.
The maximum filling rate reduces the temperature rise rate allows the maximum filling rate to increase, shortening the time required to fill the scuba water tank. Warm Tank vs.
At a given pressure, the cold TankA warm tank holds less air than the cold tank at the same pressure.
This means that the air pressure inside the scuba tank will also decrease as the tank cools down.
Controlling the temperature of the tank during filling can increase the amount of air available during the next dive.
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