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But with the proliferation of online jewelers, this process has become much easier. That is due to the fact that literally all designs and options are available at one place on the internet; unlike the regular jewelry stores which stock only the designs which they like, or the ones which are currently popular. But then, there are so many kinds of designs online that it is a virtual treasure hunt to find the one which is perfect for you. So, we have put together some of the most popular, everlasting and also most unique and modern designs in wedding rings together here. Where possible, we have also linked to the parent sites so that you can take a first hand look at the design we are talking about. Here they are

-Wedding Bands - Steeped in history and very much a part of our heritage, the wedding band symbolizes 'The circle of life', which according to our tradition is symbolic of the fact that the couple will be together for life, through all its ups and downs. The original wedding band was just a solid gold band, which was not meant to be flashy at all, but was more of the simple and stable variety. However, with time, fashion moulded the wedding bands to a more modern view and today we have a wide variety of wedding bands available online. The simplest of them still are of solid gold, but the shine and carat weight will differ according to the customer's fancies. The more exciting ones come with studded diamonds (or other precious stones) all around the circumference of the wedding band. If you are the adventurous kind, you can pick a metal like white gold or even platinum instead of plain yellow gold.

-Three stone rings - Lots of people prefer to have a ring along with the wedding band (or even only the ring) exchanged during the wedding. Some of the most special wedding rings are the ones which come with side setting stones - and are called three stone rings. Usually, engagement rings are rings which come with a single stone (like a princess cut diamond) set into the metal. Wedding rings, however, are preferred to have multiple stones and the centre stone is the one which is the costliest. You can take a look at a few three stone rings here, so that you get an idea of the kind of rings we are talking about. Online, you have an option of choosing from one of the pre-set kind of rings, or if you fancy yourself to be a designer, you can even try your hand at designing a three stone ring right there online - and you don't need to pay for designing! So, try it out.

-Eternity Bands - The third kind of popular option for weddings are eternity bands. Not only are these popular for weddings; they are equally popular for anniversaries too. Like we mentioned while speaking about wedding bands, eternity bands come with stones studded all around the band and the look is one of understated elegance and beauty. The metal of choice for eternity bands is 14K white gold, or for the more discerning customers - Platinum. Yellow gold also is in, and you can take a look at some of the most beautiful eternity bands right here.

There are several mix and match models you can create in wedding rings, but since wedding is a time honored celebration, these are the three variants which are the most popular all over. If you visit a site like, you are given full freedom to design your own ring starting from scratch. You can pick the metal you like, the stone / stones you prefer to embed and the finish. That would make your wedding an extra special event, as everything including the ring has been customized specially for you - by you!

Try out the online options the next time you are shopping for jewelry. You won't go back to your local jeweler's again!


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