Until recently I had never even heard of an armor

by:Ultimate     2020-11-18

Not for much longer though, because looking at some of the styles and designs I think that the lid has been well and truly taken off from the Goth monopoly on them for sure. Some really dramatic jewelry that just has to be seen.

They are not just known by the name armor ring but other terms like medieval ring, knight ring, Gothic ring and slave ring have also been used to describe them too.

Whilst up until now they have maybe only appealed to a small percentage of jewelry wearers, with fashion changing at a whirlwind rate and the likes of Vivienne Westwood cottoning on to this amazing style, just lately the popularity is rising to a point where they have become global.

I think that the predominant feature has to be the fact that they are so different from any other design of ring, round and boring they are not and some of them have to be seen to be believed. Wearing them does not only cause an impact from their uniqueness in wearing alone some of them are suitable for collectors to show off in maybe a case, they can appear pretty menacing and demand respect for sure.

I can guarantee that wearing one is bound to create the same sort of interest as a diamond of mega proportions.

With whatever finger you decide to wear it on being covered from the base across your finger joints to either the second part of your knuckle or just under your fingernail.

Because they are made from either hard wearing pewter or sterling silver and jointed in the same places as your own fingers they are very comfortable to wear and look pretty awesome.

Some of them really do seem to conjure up images of armour clad knights, hence one of the names, for sure.

There really are some very intriguing designs and because they are so inexpensive (despite being carefully crafted works of art) I think that you could really finish off something like a Halloween or fancy dress costume if you wanted to, no problem. They would add an air of mystery in a very simple but effective way.

Unisex jewelry is really fashionable these days and I think I can safely say that an armor ring falls into that category.

So, whether you want something delicately worked or maybe a bit more rugged looking, you are sure to be impressed by what you see.

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