tunnels, trendy ear gauges and funky sterling silver rings

by:Ultimate     2020-11-28
If you are stretching the piercings so you can wear thicker or wider earrings, or want a big hole in the tunnel and plug, then you may need to gradually become thinner, or a range of ear gauges of different sizes.
You may still be looking for an ear extension kit.
About $10 or $11, you can get a cone kit that includes a set of acrylic cone kits starting at 0 and up to 14.
Of course, you can stop stretching at any time, but the most fashionable gauge, plug and tunnel you might want to wear when the stretching is complete, usually used for holes that can accommodate the Big Horn ear gauge.
Let\'s see what\'s available.
The interesting thing about trendy designs and where to shop for the latest styles is that they can be hollow in the middle or have a solid center of insects inlaid into resin (
It sounds scary, but that\'s not the case. . .
Kind of like a man-made amber)
, Or it can be coconut wood with tribal theme, or it can be very trendy neon-colored acrylic, even if flashing or glowing in the dark.
Although silver is not a recommended metal for piercing, it may be interesting to get white metal, titanium or stainless steel and match them with other jewelry, sterling silver rings like tribal or stylish patterns.
Minky Monkey is an online store specializing in perforated jewelry (
Places similar to online stores such as beauty candy and pain and pleasure)
There are several rings (for fingers)
There are matching tattoos and ethnic patterns, but the setting is made of stainless steel, same as body jewelry)
So they are a little more expensive than the very cheap silver rings you buy elsewhere.
My personal favorite style, I like the trendy pink CZ meter sold by Minky Monkey, a store recently found online.
The plug-in shaft is made of surgical steel;
Each piece has a rubber stopper and the O-ring has a groove that can be kept in place, but there is a dazzling pink on the front, about 6mms of cubic zirconium.
The problem is that these items are sold separately, not like two sets like most earrings, so although the price is only a little more than $10, a set of two sets, it actually costs more than $20, ouch!
People like me
However, due to the presence of artificial gems, these plugs are very elegant and can even be used for decorative activities, and because the settings are white stainless steel, they are very well matched with other CZ silver jewelry I already have.
The best style looks stylish for everyday life, but not top and not too expensive, in dark designs acrylic UV light is about $3 or $4, this place is quite dark if you go dancing, it is absolutely excellent. . .
Your ears look very funky when you go to the beat.
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