The invention of ptfe film deals with many problems

by:Ultimate     2020-11-24

The related mercury weight of ptfe film is bigger than ordinary element from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions. Common PTFE film owns millions of mercury with the integrating magnitude level of 104, but the one for polyethylene is only 103. The ordinary crystallinity condition is 90% to 95%, and melting temperature is within 327 to 342 degrees Celsius. Among the mercury of PTFE film, the CF2 unit would be in the order of saw teeth shape. Since the radius of fluorine atom is bigger than hydrogen atom, the nearby CF2 unit cannot completely insert into opposite direction by cross-transaction way. Instead, it would form a twisted chain in spiral shape. The fluorine atoms would nearly cover the surface of high mercury chain. Such mercury structure can explain every feature of PTFE film. When the temperature is lower than 19 degrees Celsius, it would form 13/6 spirals. On the temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, it would change the shape to gradually open the mercury to make 15/7 spirals.

Among the complete fluorine and carbon integration, the breakage of carbon-carbon bond and carbon-fluorine bond would absorb the heats of 346.94J/mol and 484.88kJ/mol respectively, PTFE film may only need 171.38kJ energy to form 1mol of TFE. Therefore, during the high-temperature breakage, PTFE film would mainly decompose into TFE. So, the PTFE can be used for a long time under the temperature of 260 degrees Celsius. Since the fluoride byproducts phosgene and perfluoroisobutylene would be made during the high-temperature breakage, we should pay a special attention to security protection for the contact of teflon film with burning fire.

PTFE film's long-term utility temperature would be between minus 200 to 260 degrees. It is with the superb chemical anti-erosive feature. It can defend against all types of chemical products. It also owns the lowest friction coefficient in the plastics. Its electric feature is also sound and the dielectric performance is without temperature influence. No wonder it is with the fame of plastic king. Recently, all types of PTFE film products have got the important positions in the economic fields of chemical, mechanical, electronic, electrical, military, aerospace, environmental protection and bridge industries.

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