The horrible Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death has effected

by:Ultimate     2020-11-22

First, you need to identify the problem that pertains to your console. The two main factors with each problem are the amount of lights, and the error code displayed on the screen. We can use these two factors to identify a solution for your console.

If one red light is flashing, you most likely have an AV cable error or possibly a general hardware error. However, it depends upon the error code displayed on the screen. These are the error codes for one blinking red light:

E45: (Not Yet Known)

E64: DVD Error

E65: DVD Error

E66: DVD Error

E67: Hard Drive Error

E68: Hard Drive Error

E69: Hard Drive Error

E71: (not yet known)

E72: (not yet known)

E73: General Hardware Error: Ethernet port

E74: AV cable error OR General Hardware Error

E76: (not yet known)

E79: Hard Drive Error

If you have two blinking red lights, you are experiencing overheating problems. This is most likely because the console was left on for too long or under dangerous circumstances causing the interior system to slightly melt. Unfortunately, this problem is most likely your fault and not the consoles, meaning you can't say 'I didn't do anything to it.'

If you have three flashing red lights with the E74 error, you have a general hardware issue. This is the most common among all problems, many consoles are failing from this exact cause. If you have this error, do not worry, it is not your fault, and your warranty should cover it. To find an exact problem, a procedure has been put together to get a complicatederror code from three red lights, it looks like this:

First, turn on the console and wait for it to startblinkingredlights. Now hold the sync button and press eject. The console will give you the first number of the code (4 lights flashing=0, 3 lights flashing=3, 2 lights flashing=2, 1 light flashing=1). Continue holding the sync button and release the eject button, then press eject again for the second number of the code. Repeat this two more times to get the third and fourth numbers of the code. Once you have your complete code with four numbers, interpret it with the list below:

0001 Power supply problem.

0002 Power supply problem.

0010 Overheating.

0011 Overheating.

0012 Overheating.

0013 Overheating.

0022 GPU Error / GPU Overheating.

0102 Unknown Error

0110 Memory Error, Possibly Overheating

1003 Hard Drive Error

1010 Hard Drive Error

1022 AV cable error

If you have four red lights flashing, you have a simple AV cable error. Either the settings with the AV cable are incorrect or it is not fully plugged in.

We now have all the error codes and problems covered, so we now need to fix them permanently. To fix the red ring of death fast, follow my recommendations below.

One Red Ring of Death Permanent Fix

I recommend using an online guide to help you fix the problem on your own. Yes, that means my recommendation is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) repair. The other option is to send it in to the Microsoft Support Center (the website displayed on the error screen), I do not recommend this because it costs up to $100 and can take about a month for the repair to finish.

Two Red Rings of Death Permanent Fix

This problem is more difficult to solve permanently because it can vary. If your gut is telling you that the inside of your console is actually melted, then a DIY repair is not available, you have to send it in. If you think that your console is simply getting too hot, you may need to purchase a new fan system for console.

Three Red Rings of Death Permanent Fix

The easiest fix for this problem is definitely to fix it yourself. A general hardware issue can easily be fixed in less than an hour if you know what to do. Just use an online guide to take you step-by-step through the repair process.

Four Red Rings of Death Permanent Fix

Hopefully, this one is an easy fix for you. Simply make sure your AV cables are plugged in properly, and that your TV is set to the right station. Remember that your Av cables have an HD setting on the side of them, so make sure that is properly set. The worst case scenario here is that you may have to purchase new AV cables.

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