The development process of mining machinery and

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(2) Start-up phase (1971-1980). During this period the production of the main products of the mining machinery hydraulic system pressure is roughly 14-3.5MPa. Sealing system used in seals, rubber seals, mainly out of the leather, asbestos fibers and corrugated steel skin 10 cork face seal. The main types are: 0-ring (NBR, FKM); crawler chassis with floating seal (metal ring chart); and insuring skeleton rotation Chuan the BR oil seal, FKM, ZACM. Hydraulic and pneumatic reciprocating motion seals in the past 10 years, in order to adapt, such as mining machinery, forging machinery used in the development of high-pressure hydraulic hammer crusher needs, the former Ministry of Machinery set up seven professional rubber seals manufacturing plant. In addition, to promote the development of the Chinese seal hammer crusher, was formed in 1975 and 1979 National hydraulic, pneumatic standardized hammer crusher Committee and hydraulic, pneumatic standardized hammer crusher Committee rubber and plastic sealing Standardization hammer crusher Committee (with old ISO/TCI3/SC7 corresponding) as well as the friction Society of fluid sealing points hammer crusher Committee '.

Consolidate and stage of development (1981-1990), the main products of the domestic mining machinery hydraulic system working pressure 16-40MPa. The sealing system uses seal is still rubber seal products mainly. The main types are: O-ring (NBR, FKM); crawler chassis with floating seals (O - Figure 11 metal rings); lubricated sealed the crawler sealed component (NBR + AU): within the skeleton and the outer skeleton (NBR FKM, ACM, EPDM); combination gasket (NBR + metal); hydraulic cylinder piston and rod density.

4 high-speed development stage mining machinery (1991) and others, high pressure hydraulic industry, has introduced a large number of products manufacturing hammer crusher for foreign sealed businesses to enter the Chinese seals market. Foreign capital and the entry of the hammer crusher, improve the overall level of the sealing industry in China.

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