taking care of your hydraulic cylinder drift

by:Ultimate     2020-11-26
What is the hydraulic cylinder drift?Hydraulic cylinder drift is a technical fault, and even the most experienced operators frown and groan.Anyway, why are you afraid of such a cylindrical drift?Let\'s first understand what the hydraulic cylinder drift is.In short, the hydraulic cylinder will drift whenever the standard hydraulic cylinder starts to leak.
A strong and common misconception about this technical failure is that if the seal leaks, then the device leaks as well.The leakage in this cylindrical drift process is generally gradual.One of the most common sources of this cylindrical leak is heat shrinkage.
Drift due to heat shrinkage in the moving hydraulic cylinder has been sporadic.This movement is called sliding-stick.How to detect such drift?Once this drift occurs inside the device, the cautious operator will notice :-In any case, the drift caused by the leak is a rare sight.This type of drift occurs whenever the level of contamination in the oil is higher than usual.
Another reason for drift is heat shrinkage.This shrinkage occurs whenever the Crane stays in a position longer than usual.Always pay attention:The activity of the oil inside the fixed crane can make the oil level drop.
Is there a specific cylinder that is more likely to encounter this drift than others?The answer above-The question mentioned is No.Any hydraulic cylinder can be caused by a disease called cylinder drift.However, the impact of these technical failures may vary depending on the cylinder, cylinder, or system.
Is drift really a problem?Or is it out of proportion?Let\'s talk about the facts.When the Telescopic cylinder retracts, the cylindrical drift can greatly reduce the load.This retracement resulted in a significant reduction in the angle of the boom.
In addition, the retracement (in the leg Jack cylinder) can easily affect the level of the crane.In addition, failure lubrication plus heat shrinkage can cause slippingWithin the boom angle.Such conditions (slip-Great) never let the load move easily.
In addition, this situation can lead to an increase in downtime as the machine is completely out of kilowatts.The slip-The rod caused damage in the work of the equipment, but also sporadic.Always note: Each cylinder can hold a certain degree of drift at work.
As an operator, the amount of drift must never be allowed to exceed the range allowed by the device.If the cylindrical drift appears and continues to affect the machine, smooth operation and high efficiency becomes a lost hope.At present, there are many procedures to avoid drift due to heat shrinkage.
Whenever a leak causes drifting, the best option is never to let the crane stand still for a long time.However, if drift occurs even if the machine is not idle, then the fault is inside the crane itself
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