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by:Ultimate     2020-11-21

A. To see the appearance of

The overall appearance of the handbag, the best and other handbag styles or other store to see the same kinds of handbags style, the look is not very pleasing to the eye, generally of good quality handbags, the overall shape gives the impression that it is smooth, giving a full impression. Look at the workmanship and stitching, good quality handbags, workmanship is fine, small joints is also very organized.Workmanship and stitching to see more and more contact will gradually familiar with.


Handbags that Basic will be able to conclude that not a good handbag, there is a pungent taste of the more pungent quality above the more problems will arise, the poor quality of the leather will taste the pungent PU leather. The bags will be used in the production process a lot of glue, the finest goods, handbags basic imported glue, generally do not have the pungent smell. The raw materials and accessories like the authentic or high-quality imitation handbags are better, the smell is faint, and even some little flavor.

C. Touch

Good quality handbags, feel is good, rough handbag feels no touch, the feel, the better the handbag with the material the better, a good handbag leather more with the soft features, but also The nice glossy sheen.


Judge a handbag quality, hardware is an important aspect, imagine if the handbag quality is not up to much, how will spend more on the level of accessories? Good handbag hardware accessories gloss bright, giving a particularly mellow visual, and hardware peripheral is no glitch, if it is defective hardware, a look you will find that the surrounding uneven. Also, good zipper pull up the handle is relatively smooth, lubricated and feel. In addition, the glue used in good handbag is imported, out of the volatile acid is relatively small, the hardware is also not very easy to change color, good quality handbag hardware with a 2012 is basically no problem.

E. Shape

Look at the the handbags overall shape, authentic handbag or a good imitation handbags appearance is basically the same with the genuine. Look at the bags of special parts, such as arcs, sharp corners, flip, symmetrical parts, stereo parts, etc. shape, good handbags look very coordinated, the overall flow linear strong. Also, the inside of the support material can take look at handbags, carry in your hand is not still so full, if it is rough poor quality of the handbags will feel a bit deflated, as a whole can not be heard.

F. Glued parts

Seriously look at part of the glue stick, if it is working fine handbag, little smell, and look more transparent, if it is inferior, then glue the parts is definitely a mass of rubber.

G. Lining

This is also an important indicator to judge a handbag, and then good-looking appearance, the inside lining is a very rough feel of the handbag is not very much on the quality of handbags, the price is low a grade. This is a lot of buyers have ignored the problem, of course, this problem even claim to post-production handbag manufacturers did not even, of course, consumers in many cases not to pay attention to this problem. The saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a good handbag, of course should have a good lining, the lining material, looks thick, feel fine, do not have too many folds and redundant incision suture will be pleasing to the eye, on the contrary, looks very rough.

H. LOGO brand

Oh, signboards, it is easy will be able to display to out of the the those who of production yes is not a very seriously not in the to to do this handbags, If even the the the handbag of that their own production to come out or imitation the the the handbag of of the the other cards, the LOGO brand exquisite the words of, that is, do not on the grade or yes poor-quality a.

I. Packaging-related

See the packing of bags, to produce a good handbag, if there is no a packaging defect. Generally good manufacturers out of the handbag, hand bags and meticulous, the easiest is to look handbag dust bags, a good dust bag is not cheap, poor quality or not on the level of handbags does not raise the cost of re- get hold of such a costly pocketed. Also, do not over-concerned about the inside what card or something, then not explain what the wholesale market can engage in to a lot, many are Mongolian. Of course, if the brand is not the same, is to look at, this may be related to warranty what.

G. Weight

Many people tend to ignore this issue, is not natural to pay attention to this problem, whether it is material or hardware of handbags and leather accessories, good wholesale fashion handbags will obviously not the same quality feel, multiple contacts, and will gradually explore methods.

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