So your Asphalt driveway is complete, now what

by:Ultimate     2020-11-20

One of the first maintenance tips that top the list of protecting your driveway is Asphalt Sealing. The process of Asphalt Sealing or seal coating your driveway is one step that should be done at least every three years to ensure your driveway stays intact. When you seal coat your driveway you are helping to lock in the oils that help keep the asphalt flexible. When the asphalt sealing is applied make sure it is a good quality and done with care.

Depending on the age of your driveway you will have different maintenance tasks to follow. If your drive is brand new, you will have to wait a minimum of 3 to 5 days to drive on it and another 14 days to even park it. The first two weeks are very important as this the time that Asphalt begins to cure itself. This process can take up to a minimum of three to four months. Either way, these days can be considered the most critical time in the life of your driveway. Actually taping it off so that no one has access to it, is probably not a bad idea and should be deeply considered. You will want to keep larger vehicles, such as large RV's, Camping or Boat trailers off of the driveway for the first season at minimum! If you do have to park something like that on it, use large board to park on so that you can evenly distribute the weight. This should be avoided at all costs though. Use it as a last resort.

From here simple up keep of your driveway is key. Try to prevent cracks and potholes by keeping the driveway free of plants, weeds or any other kind of vegetation. It is probably best not to plant any large shrubbery or trees nearby if at all possible. The roots of these kinds of plants can wreak havoc on your asphalt driveway. If you notice pesky little weeds popping up, a simple store bought weed killer should do the trick.

In the wintertime you might notice cracks, or large holes, due to the change of temperature. Asphalt will expand in the heat and recoil back in the cold, causing brittleness and cracking. If you notice that you need an Asphalt Pothole Repair, just take care of it immediately. There are plenty of products on the market these days that are made for the sole purpose of Asphalt Pothole repair. If you are noticing the holes and crack all year round, it may be due to too much watering or some kind of irrigation leak. A professional may need to be called.

You will also want to keep the earth level or flush with the driveway to help with the breakdown and cracking that naturally happens over time. The edges of your driveway or more susceptible to damage and in doing so you will help to minimize the effects of erosion on your asphalt driveway. These simple, cost effective tips will help to retain the beauty and function of your investment and will help to keep your wallet in your pocket.

If you are the kind of person that does your own Mechanic work on your vehicles or other types of equipment while parked on your driveway, then this tip is for you. Do everything possible to prevent oil or gasoline from spilling on your asphalt driveway, as it is an oil based material that will breakdown if it comes into contact with either of the items. If you have any type of oil or gasoline product spill, you can clean it up by dabbing it with a highly absorbent cloth.

By doing all the above Asphalt maintenance tips you should have no problems extending the beauty, value and life of your investment. Having a beautiful, crack and hole free Asphalt driveway is a great way to add elegance and value to your home.

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