Since the Xbox 360's release in 2005 it has been

by:Ultimate     2020-11-24

Released more than two years ago by a Computer Technician/Programmer, my favorite guide, the Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Pro Gamer Edition has been a marvel for 360 owners suffering from Xbox 360 problems - primarily the Red Ring of Death. This is a repair guide, amongst several others, that claims to be able to teach the user how to 'properly' and 'permanently' repair the Red Ring of Death. These claims have been verified by several 360's owners as it has been responsible for the successful repairs of thousands of 360's over the past two years. Being a 'self-fix-it' method, many people have shied away from using such a guide, but in reality, this may be the only way for 360 owners to actually repair their broken consoles.

It's important here to bring into focus the fact that many people today are still under the assumption that in order to repair their systems, it HAS to be sent into the manufacturer. The fact that the Manufacturer has not been able to develop a repair for the past 4 years should give sufficient reason why this is not so. But if it's not it needs to be said that many people who have resorted to the Manufacturer and have run into the problem of sending in their console but not getting it back repaired. This forces people to have to re-send their systems in time and time again. There are literally people who have had to do this more than once. Here's an example from an internet message board:

'Sent mine a total of 3 times now. When i got it back the first time as soon as I turned it on 3RROD.

Just called them up and sent it back'

With the apparent fact that perhaps sending your console into the manufacturer may not be the best route it's important that 360 owners have the proper knowledge and resource that has proven to fix the Xbox 360. But what is this guide doing that makes the repair work? It's actually quite simple. For one since the Red Ring of Death is caused by the system overheating, the repair involves stopping the system from it's vulnerability to the overheating problem. The problem was initially discovered to be with the GPU, CPU, and X-Clamps. The GPU and CPU both have a thermal compounding paste originally designed to keep these chips from heat vulnerability. This thermal paste is insufficient however and cannot hold up to the heat that is emitted from the 360. The repair is to remove this old paste and reapply a more solid and reliable solution.

The next repair involves removing the X-Clamps which is responsible for holding the Heat Sinks in place over the GPU and CPU to keep them cool. The problem however is that when the system overheats the motherboard bends, and this causes problems for the heat sinks, throwing them off balance and making the GPU and CPU vulnerable to overheating; and this is what causes the RROD. The proper red ring of death repair is to create for the heat sinks a better foundation on the motherboard by applying some specific screws and washers to ensure it's stability and protection of the GPU and CPU.

Since this method get's to the root of the red ring of death problem, it is by far the best and most efficient solution currently available. It's not currently understood whether this repair will eventually become official, but that is besides the point that for those who know about it and apply it, are no longer having problems with their Xbox 360's. So if you happen to be amongst the millions of users who need a red ring of death repair then I can't recommend using this method highly enough to permanently repair your Xbox 360.

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