Ring filler strip

by:Ultimate     2020-11-18

It is used to fix and protect your baby ring and consists of a group of bar-type flannelette foam-rubber cushion. In addition to ring, placing cufflinks or earrings are also a right choice.

Ear nail fixed pad

Specifically, it is used for fixing and protecting jewelries ear like nails. Generally, ear nail hole was deployed on clapboard to fix your earrings; or earring filler strip was set in the lid position; removable fixed pad was equipped with earring hole.

The butterfly clip

There is a piece of cloth equipped with butterfly clip in a grid. It is designed for covering your baby jewelries. The butterfly clip can only work as tong, and can also used for twining your leptosomatic necklace, to avoid optional sliding; or work in a layered role to put your small accessories fluctuation apart.

Watch bag pad or bracelet bag pad

It can fix and protect your bracelet or watch.

Necklace hook

It is especially for the fixation and protection of your necklace, bracelet, usually in the form of buckle or hook. It is usually equipped with a dark bag in the opening.

Small lattice

There are all kinds of sizes and shapes small lattice. This make your baby jewelry put in each space. Usually slender type is designed for the necklace, while square type is for bracelet, brooch, earrings, hairpin, and cuff links according to different sizes and depths.

Jewelry pouch

Jewelry pouch can make full use of the space of the inner cap and side cover to expand capacity of your jewelry box effectively. You can put your favorite pearl necklace into it or hang a whole row of eardrops. It depends on your likes and dislikes.

Satellite pod or travel bag

Bring your favorite select jewelry with you wherever you go.

Hand carry

It is convenient to move your jewelry box.


It allows you to view the condition that you wear jewelries.

The function of the iron wire inside of hardware jewelry box

1. Position

Jewelry won't move in it.

2. Jewelry protection

Especially the gold and silver, the chemical property of the iron is lively than silver and gold. So iron is the first one of oxidation and gold and silver will not react.

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