quick window ac repair

by:Ultimate     2020-11-26
When it comes to window air conditioning maintenance, window air conditioning equipment often makes continuous and unusual noise.
These noises can be annoying and make a lot of buzz or clicks.
Thankfully, a lot of times, this is a very easy problem to solve, especially in the case of noise caused by loose parts.
In this article, we will provide some tips to help further assess the situation.
Required equipment: fin comb screwdriver gasket various replacement parts workshop vacuum garden hose light oil weather seal wrench PuttyStep 1-
The reason for the noise may only be due to the fact that the unit is not positioned properly in the window frame.
If it happens to be loose, the shaking of the unit may cause it to shake on the frame.
To check this issue, open the device and press it on the window glass with your hand and listen if there is a difference in noise.
If you happen to notice a difference, just put a weather stamp around the device.
You can also try to place the gasket between the device and the frame. Step 2 -
Protect the front panel.
Many times the front panel is loose.
This is a common problem and a simple solution.
Just tighten the screws around the panel.
If this does not work, apply some putty to tighten the panel. Step 3 -
Sometimes the fan blades get stuck with loose insulation.
To check, turn off the device, remove the panel and check the fan.
If you find any insulation, discard it and open it to listen.
When you turn on the device, check the blades to verify that they are uniform.
Uneven or curved blades sometimes collide with the inner wall of the device, resulting in noise.
Rotate the blade manually.
If there is a blade rubbing on the wall, bend it in place. Step 4 -
The fan motor that needs lubrication will also make a lot of buzz.
Check if the motor housing can be opened (
Many times they can\'t).
If you are able to get access, remove the port while adding a few drops of SAE 10 oil to each port.
Add a few drops along the shaft of the motor and rotate to expand. Step 5 -
Coil fins are known to cause buzz.
To fix, remove the cooling coil housing located near the back of the unit.
Clean each coil with the brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner and carefully place the teeth of the fin comb between a set of intact fins to find the correct spacing.
Next, slide the comb over the damaged fin to straighten it.
There are many complications in AC repair that require professional help.
If you cannot repair this unit yourself, please contact a professional in your area.
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