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by:Ultimate     2020-11-23

Your Birthstone:

The most common option for a birthstone men's wedding ring would be to include the birthstone of the man (husband) in the wedding ring. This is how most birthstone rings are made, the design of such a men's wedding ring would take the type and pricing of the birthstone into consideration. For example, a men's wedding birth stone ring design that is made with a black onyx, might not be suitable for a wedding ring with a blue sapphire. This is because replacing the black onyx with a blue sapphire of the same size and shape, would turn out to be very expensive. The wedding ring with onyx would not weigh the price tag too heavily, this is because onyx is not a very expensive gemstone. However, a birthstone wedding ring with a large blue sapphire gem stone would be rather expensive.

Exchanging Birthstones:

This is a very interesting option for a birthstone wedding ring for men, an exchange of birthstones is done in the wedding rings of the couple. With the husband wearing a wedding ring that includes the birthstone of the wife (and vice versa), it is believed that a much closer bond is developed between the couple. You might not immediatly realize the importance of this bonding, an explanation would make it clearer. There are times when the couple could be physically separated, this is very common with members of the armed forces. A birthstone wedding ring with exchanged birthstones would give a degree of comfort and peace of mind to the person wearing the ring.

Two Birthstones:

The first two options explained above for a birthstone wedding ring for men, include a single birth stone in the wedding ring. The two birthstone wedding ring, provides a much more meaningful design concept for a men's wedding ring. In this case, the husband wears a wedding ring that includes his birthstone AND the birthstone of his wife. The design of the wedding ring would need to consider the properties and pricing of both gemstones. It is not necessary for the two birthstones to be the same size or even the same shape, the meaning of the birthstone lies in the gemstone. The meaning of such a birthstone wedding ring is clear, the commitment and dedication to have a peaceful and progressive married life is reflected in the wedding rings of the couple.

It is important to understand that an exchanged birthstone wedding ring or a two birth stone wedding ring, do not necessarily mean that the rings are a matching wedding pair. In such birth stone rings, the design of the husband's and wife's wedding rings could be completely different. All that is implied is that, the birthstones are set in the rings. A pair of wedding rings on the other hand, implies that the design of the two rings is the same. The dimensions and ring size of the two rings could ofcourse differ.

A very useful and comprehensive report on the meaning and trends of men's birth stone wedding ring can be seen on this link: Choosing a men's wedding ring requires more than an idea of birthstones, a complete website that is dedicated to men's wedding rings can be seen at this link: Spend some time and try to understand the concepts and details provided on these links. Few jewelers care to spend time and money to inform and educate buyers. This makes the information even more useful and unique.

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