My Baby Registry Checklist. What You Need During Your Baby\'s First Year

by:Ultimate     2020-11-28
Looking forward to a child also brings a lot of happiness and trouble.One of them is the baby registration system.This part is easy for those who already have children, they already know what they need and why they shouldn\'t spend money.
There is a lot to learn for all the newbies who enter the parenting world...I remember when I registered in combination with my baby, I was searching for baby registration lists and samples to not only understand what I needed but also which brands were better.I can assure you that the store listing is designed to allow you to spend more money than you actually need and to spend a lot of time and effort.
So I decided to keep track of everything I use, and once my child is a year old, write a center about what exactly I use, and what I have in my registry is a waste of money.With everything I actually purchased, used, and loved (I deleted everything I didn\'t use or liked ).It all depends, of course, on preferences and budgets.
But if you get pregnant for the first time, you can\'t even imagine how fast the baby is growing and how much you need for clothes of every size.Here are the things that are useful to me and my son David.1.These are great because they are side snaps so I don\'t need to wear anything on my baby\'s head which makes things easier.
They also have gloves cuffs so you don\'t need to buy separate gloves.The size of the newborn took us two months.I put them and...2.Babies like to be wrapped.For my son, for his first child.This is the only option when sleeping or eating, because his arms are very active, not with them sw, and he neither sleeps nor eats.
I bought 6 packages and that\'s enough.
I think I will also use 4 if I wash my clothes more often.They are also very easy to use and comfortable for babies.Everything here depends on your taste, preferences, etc.
.Here, though, let me show you what I like the most and must --In my opinion.1.Side buckle again.Yes, I like side shots!There is no need to let the baby pull onesies on the head frantically.I \'ve actually only used side or front snap tights so far, and my kids are 13 months old.
Super cute shortLong sleeve swimsuit in summer with snap on the front.I should admit that I bought a lot of cream, lotion, diaper rash cream, etc.But it was not used in the end.My child didn\'t have a diaper rash and I didn\'t feel like I needed to moisturize his skin any more.
So the only thing I \'ve ever used is sunscreen.Mineral-free fragrance-free sunscreenI really like the consistency of this sunscreen.It feels very soft and pleasant for the skin.
Perfect against the sun.
If you don\'t have much space in the bathroom like me, you will really like this folding bath.It is very convenient to use and easy to store.It is made of plastic.I don\'t know what the folding place is made of, but it looks and feels like rubber.
It does not leak and feels very smooth, so there is no danger to the baby\'s tender skin.The bathtub has different colors, bringing a child from birth to age 69 months.I don\'t recommend buying newborn support for this tub because it\'s not safe and doesn\'t help much.
Super convenient thermometer that shows whether the temperature of the bath is suitable for the baby.The price is below $3 so there is no reason not to buy it.3.Natural non-Earth mother angel babyI researched a lot of brands and found the option to be as healthy as possible and ended up using this.
This shampoo is free of synthetic spices, chlorine powder, phthal acid salt, parab acid salt, or rough sulfate.It is also toxin-free, with a toxin rating of 1 in the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.They claim it is so safe that the hospital uses it for NICU babies.
I suggest buying a nonBecause I tried a fragrance and my child developed a rash.No problem.scents so far.4.You need to wash your baby in order to take a bath.I used this without any complaints.It can afford it and can do its job.5.I bought a different towel first but ended up not using it because it was too rough.
I changed Carter.
they were much softer.
There are also many different colors and designs to choose from.If you have focused on my center from the beginning, you already know that I used SwaddleMe in the first two months of my son\'s life.This is his pajamas and the regular \"costume\" most of the time \".
When he learned to control his arm, stopped hitting and scratching himself, and woke himself up, we turned to the following.1.I prefer sleeping bags/bags to foodies because it\'s much easier to change babies at night.This is warm enough for winter in California, but if you live in a cold state, you should probably consider something warmer.
3-baby soybean and kimono balerFor warm weather, this side buckle baler with a pair of socks is very useful for us.If you want to use it for young babies, it also has gloves cuffs.Of course, this depends in part on a lot of things, including the budget you already have, the size of the room and the furniture.
But I personally think these three things are necessary.1.Because I wanted the modern feel of the nursery, I chose the gray and white Babymod Modena convertible crib and I really liked it.It is not expensive but gives the room a stylish and modern look and feel.
When I compiled my baby registry, I wasn\'t sure if I needed a Care chair.I\'m glad I bought one.If you are going to breastfeed, this is what the baby has to do in the first month of life.Babies will take care all day, and you will spend more time on the care chair than anywhere else.
The care chair is important for you to be comfortable, so walk around and sit in a pile and choose the chair that suits you.The most comfortable thing for me was Monaco II glider Castle.It\'s expensive so I didn\'t buy an Ottoman to go with it.
It is possible to live without the Ottoman, but if you have money to spend, be sure to consider buying one.It is much more comfortable to use.3.Unfortunately, there is little option to replace the board/tray in the US.For those who have small nurseries (like us) it\'s a way to live and save space.
In Europe, there are more options to choose to replace the tray, so that you can fix the tray to the top of the crib, thus saving the space you have to use when replacing the table.Since I am not in Europe, I have to buy the bloom GM replacement tray, the only option in the USS.I could find.4.It is said that mobile devices are very important for the early development of infants because they can track objects and develop vision and hearing.
I chose this model because of the modern sense.5.This night light is really cool!The light ball is removable and the light can shine in different colors.It\'s cool whether it\'s lights or toys.1.Of course, you can splurge on your baby\'s mattress.
But I think the mattress is very good and the price is very high.Anti-allergy, strong support, waterproof outer cover.2.Although the outer cover of the mattress is waterproof, you still need a protective pad.
This is good for me.
Of course, individuals prefer drawing design.But I really like this.It is very useful for contemporary nursery design.There are many colors to choose from in any design of the room.
This one is really soft.
it feels great to give it a baby.
This one is great to keep the smell!I \'ve read a lot of negative reviews about other barrels (made mostly of plastic) and I don\'t regret spending a little more on this one.Another advantage is that you can use a normal garbage bag instead of a \"special\" bag from the manufacturer of paper urinating barrels (for an extra fee ).It also looks good in the room and there are plenty of colors to choose from.
It is a shame that this paper urine box has been discontinued by the manufacturer.It is convenient, modern looking and stylish.It contains large compartments for diapers, special locations for wipes, small compartments for creams or other small things.
If you don\'t want to change sheets every time your child has no diapers, or if you want to add extra protection to the very expensive white trainer your child is lying down, these are must have.For me, 100 packs is enough for nearly a year.4.When looking for a diaper bag, I am not only looking for convenience, but also looking for a style, because the style of the bag I carry with me all day is very important to me.
At the same time, I don\'t want to spend $ on designer diaper bags.The French striped Skip Hop special edition diaper bag is great in style and practicality.It\'s not too big (this is what I want) but still very practical with lots of compartments including side bags for bottles and separate replacement pads.
If you\'re looking for something compact, stylish and practical --This is the best bet.1.This is a life-saving straw for the first month.This pillow is awesome and lets the baby feed with minimal effort from your side.
A must have A mother who is just used to nursing for the first time.I have no idea what I would do without it.Fast though (3-In our case, 4 months) you need a pillow #2 when the baby grows up.
Once my son refused to care from my worst friend\'s pillow and I turned to Boppy.This is definitely more convenient for larger babies and is widely used as it can be used not only as a pillow but also as a locator or belly time help.3.This is not a category error.Yes, a diaper.But I used it as a burp and it did a great job.
The color is also very bright and looks really good.4.Johnson\'s care padI have tried disposable care pads for almost all brands on the market.These are the best so far.What I like most is that they are contour and have nipple shape as well.
So if you\'re wearing tight tanks, they look more natural.They are also easy to absorb and soft.5.Trust me, for all those who are not familiar with breastfeeding, your breasts can be very sore in the first few weeks.So you need cream or ointment.The hospital recommended Lansinoh Lanolin, but I found that it didn\'t help much, and I really hate this consistency (sticky and unpleasant to touch ).
Maternal nipple cream is better for me.
It\'s really enjoyable to use it, like Lansinoh Lanolin, you don\'t have to remove it before feeding your baby.Contains 100% certified organic ingredients.It could also be a great Diaper Rash Ointment, they said, although I haven\'t tried it in this role.
Whether you are back at work right after your child is born or want to be a full personMom, you need a breast pump.Fortunately, health insurance is now available free of charge and in most cases you don\'t have to spend money.However, it is important to require the correct pump from the insurance.
I chose Hygeia as it is one of the few dual-electric pumps for a few closed systems.It is very important for the pump to close the system, because you do not want milk to enter the pump that causes the mold, and part of the mold can eventually enter the expressed milk.Hygeia breast pump is very effective for me and can express enough milk in about 15 minutes.
If you have to hold the bottle every time, pumping can be a big obstacle.This bra is my savior and can do \"hands-free pumping\\\".8.Dr.If you are pumping water, you will need some bottles to feed the baby at that time.
The first year of this set was enough for me (considering that I stayed at home for 8 months and only breastfed ).I only use bottles at night and out.Dr.Brown\'s bottle is said to be used to prevent intestinal cramps.Although I am not sure if I am lucky or because of the bottle, my child has no gut pain.
The set comes with 2 small bottles and 3 large bottles and accessories, a cleaning brush and a Grade 1 nipple.9.Dr.When my baby was 6 months old, I skipped level 2 and introduced Level 3 nipples.10.You also need a bottle heater when you use the bottle.
This is both practical and good-looking.
It heats the bottle with steam and works very fastNo more than a minute.When you start eating solid food, it also includes a part of the heated jar.11.OXO Tot On-the-Portable racks and brushes that can also be used for travel.
Very small dry space (2-Up to 3 bottles and parts) but it\'s enough for me (as I don\'t have much use of bottles ).12.Healthy o M grow up with me 2-in-I included this scale in this section because I have been exclusively breastfeeding since my baby was born, so for me, it is very important to check if he is eating well and gaining weight every time I weigh him before and after feeding.This scale is great as it has a removable top that will serve you during infancy and toddler.
You need more feed accessories when you introduce solids.Please note that I do not include any bowls or plates as I have used the cups and bowls already in my home and have not bought any \"special\" baby bowls or plates.I think these times will only come when my son starts to try to eat on his own.
I don\'t see this happening in the near future.1.These are great.Very convenient, not too big for baby\'s mouth.They also have two sides that can be used as silicone or metal (I think they can be used in the future ).
I haven\'t used it yet, frankly.
But I plan to.
The feeder looks very well done and is convenient to hold.3.I decided to take this seat instead of the high chair.Very convenient, no extra space required.It can be attached to a normal chair and the insert can be taken away when the baby grows up.
When not in use, the small tray is fixed on the back.4.Another thing I haven\'t used so often yet.I tried to introduce a cup to my son, but he did not accept it yet.
..Should try it a few times or try another brand...5.I use bibs with velcro for the first time, but my son will put it on soon and throw away the bib.I have been looking around for bibs with snapshots (there are not many options on these photos) and found them.
They are perfect for us.
If you are going to use the pacifier, Philips Avent Soothie is the best for us.I wanted to introduce the others, but David would only accept this.We mainly use monkey pacifiers (see #2), but we bought them in order to have some spare pacifiers on hand.
Not only is this cute, but it\'s super practical.When David is young he will stop sucking paci and it will fall from his mouth and he will cry.Monkeys (and many other toys to choose from) will allow the pacifier to be placed in a way that will make it easier to hold the pacifier in place.
When he gets bigger and starts holding the pacifier himself, it\'s much easier to learn to put it in his mouth and hold the toy than it\'s just a small pacifier.He was my savior on a car trip because most of the time he was able to put his pacifier in his mouth.It is equipped with Philips Avent Soothie.
If you really have a budget, you can skip the baby car seat and go in a convertible right away.But baby car seats made life easier in the first few months.I can\'t imagine we didn\'t use it until 11 months without it.
The biggest benefit is that you don\'t have to wake up your child to put him in the stroller and vice versa.It\'s also super convenient when traveling (much better than carrying a huge convertible seat with you ).The downside of this model is that my baby is always sweating on the back.
Not sure if this is due to the fabric used by Chicco, or if this is the case with all car seats.2.I bought this frame because I wanted something light.It\'s much easier to load it into the car than a regular stroller.
Chicco Keyfit Caddy is easy to operate and fold with one hand.It can also be folded up by itself, which is great.I \'ve done a video review of car seats and caddies, so be sure to check it out below.
Platinum swing-Fisher PriceA swing is a must.It\'s great to appease a grumpy baby.I haven\'t tried any other fluctuations, but this one works for us.I chose it because it is designed in a way that takes up less space than most others (others have bigger and wider legs ).
The only complaint with this mode is that the noise is loud, but I don\'t know how it compares to other fluctuations in terms of noise.I did a video review of this swing and described all of its features (all swing modes, music, lights, etc ).).You are welcome to watch below.4.You can skip the first two items, but if you don\'t have a convertible seat, you can\'t go either from the start or when the baby exceeds the baby car seat.
I chose the bohemian blue Maxi Cosi Pria 70 as I am looking for a fabric that feels more natural.As I mentioned earlier, the baby car seat makes my baby\'s back sweat, so I would like to avoid this with a convertible seat.The fabric on this model inside the seat feels like linen.
It doesn\'t prevent sweating for 100% of the time, but it\'s definitely much better than the Chicco baby car seat.I also like the color and style of this car seat.It looks very special.5.Another thing you can\'t avoid buying is a stroller.
I \'ve been looking for a long time, found something light, practical, nice looking, and found a stroller that combines all of these features.It is very lightweight (not feeling heavier than the Chicco frame), looks great and modern, and more importantly, there is a decent basket underneath which can be easily reachedMost strollers are designed in a way that makes it difficult to get into the basket.This is an exception.The stroller comes in a variety of colors for any taste.
Anyway, you will need a game card sooner or later.But if you have two or more houses and the bedroom is upstairs, you will definitely need a baby game card downstairs.This Graco playrad is the best I can find.
First of all, it has a rocking chair.
This is the only thing my son will sleep in the first month or so.He needs to swing all the time, so it\'s a lifesaver, especially at night.While he was sleeping, it also helped him to take from room to room.
Another bonus is the sound machine, which can make different natural sounds (a white noise) and also play classical music.This is also the first good helper for 1-1.2 months.Playard also comes with replacement boards and organizers.
Seats and boards will last 1-For a maximum of 2 months, the baby will become heavy.But playard itself will continue to serve in the coming months, if not years.My son is now 13 months old and he takes a nap in the playroom.
I really like it to be strong and strong.
I chose this jumper because it looks the strongest I \'ve ever seen.To be honest, we can do it without it, because my son doesn\'t like to be inside, never jumps, just hangs there...I guess it depends on preference, but I do recommend it to kids who like to jump shots.
It is very easy to adjust the level, even the baby can do it inside.8.This mirror may not be a gear but an accessory, it is very helpful to check the baby while driving.1.First of all, you need a brush and a comb.
I chose this lovely Hare suit and it looked great in the nursery.2.One more important thing is the nail clippers or the Clippers.I decided to go with scissors because I felt it was easier for me than with a clipper.
This pair of scissors is great, very convenient to use, with rounded edges and very well done.They come directly from Japan, so don\'t hesitate about their high quality.3.I can\'t say I\'m 100% satisfied with this thermometer, it\'s not always accurate (or maybe I\'m not using it properly) but it\'s fast and can be used while the baby is sleeping, this is an added advantage.
Fast, easy to use, great aspirator without confusion.Well, there\'s a bit of confusion when you have to clean it up, but not too much.5.Baby girl Tylenol painkillers,Not too much to say here.
All you need is a baby Tylenol just in case.6.Doctors recommend the introduction of vitamin D in 3-month-old infants who are specifically cared for to avoid vitamin D deficiency and rickets disease.This brand is the most natural vitamin D you can get.
The service consists of one drop and the only ingredient used is coconut oil.This drops can be applied to the mother\'s nipple before breastfeeding or on the pacifier.The packaging is a bit frustrating because the vitamins are in the bottle, but there is only a little bit of liquid in it, so it looks almost empty.
A bottle contains 90 drops, so it is available for 3 months.7.More baby than ZabiIf you continue with dedicated care, sooner or later your doctor will advise you to add multipleIron supplements prevent anemia.Only natural.The vitamins I found that contain iron are Zarbee and do not contain artificial products and preservatives.
I bet you get a lot of toys from friends and family.I just want to share what toys my son likes (still likes) in his first year and beyond.1.Many developmental experts who write about the development of the baby\'s brain have pointed out from the beginning that the mirror is an important toy.
This can be placed on the floor or on the baby bed.Like all baby mirrors, it\'s not made of glass, it\'s made of some reflective material.2.Lamaze High-Newborn babies don\'t see different colors until 3 months, only black and white, so this Rattle made of cloth is perfect for the smallest baby.
The back of it is red, so it is also exciting for a baby who starts to see the color.3.Fisher-I found this game pad to provide the mostVarious toys made of different materials, bright colors and sounds.4.Lamaze Peek-A-This is a great first book for a baby.
It\'s soft, makes a sound, it\'s great to teach the baby a looka-boo concept.5.One of the most popular toys so far :) The moose is made of different materials and textures, making different sounds, from clicking to creaking and creaking.Perfect for hugs, teething and exploration.
I bought this to connect to the car seat but it doesn\'t work for our seat.This is a good activity toy, though.7.A \\\"three-in-One \"toy, as a ball, rattle and sensory experience.8.I like this one because it is made of wood and I like the natural textures and materials.
Today, most of the stacked rings are made of plastic.The inside is thick and smooth so the baby won\'t get hurt.9.Stacking and nesting are important skills to practice, and this cup is also great as a bathroom and beach toy.
These are great for teaching the sound of small animals and bathing games.11.Easy-to-save Teether, with distilled water inside, can be frozen in the refrigerator to give extra relief to those irritated gums.The material is free of BPA and PVC.12.This is my son\'s favorite toy so far.The book has different sensory experiences, textures, noise and clips of chewing or staying.
The fun of the swimming pool in summer is very floating.Here are some of the things I use after delivery and during lactation that I think are handy.1.I bought two black and beige bras that I have been using from pregnancy to weaning.
They are very comfortable, soft and very suitable for nursing.2.Nursing and maternity sleep bra with ramazawa cotton spandex-This is a great night bra.Super comfortable and soft.However, I did not use it during the day as its shape is not suitable for most clothes.
This belly wrap helps to recover a slim belly after delivery.However, it is not smooth under the clothes, it is visible if you are wearing it very tight.4.After HipSlimmerLast but not least.Hip slimming bodice.As you may know, the hips become wider during pregnancy, helping to give birth more easily.
But they say if action is taken immediately after delivery, it is possible to get them back to their pre-pregnancy position.This corset is inconvenient to wear, so it is recommended to wear at night.It\'s rigid and uncomfortable, but I think that\'s why it works.
..This is the end of my baby registration list with everything I use in my first year of birth.I hope this will help you prepare your baby registry and understand what you may need.I want my Mini too.The comments will help you make decisions about the project or brand that best suits you and your child.
If you have anything else you think you have to doThere are items from your registry or experience, please feel free to leave a comment below
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