Madurai is an ancient city of Southern state of

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Historical perspective

The city has been referred to as 'Methora' in his written account by Megasthenes who visited the city in the early 3rd century BC. The most of the present day Madurai came into existence only in the late 6th century BC during the rule of Kalabhadra. Around this time Pandyas came into light and occupied the area. However, during the medieval age Madurai remained under the control of Nawab of Arcot. It was brought up under the Madras Constituency during the Colonial rule in 1801. And finally after the independence of country it became a city in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Economic scenario

Madurai is regarded as one of the automobile parts manufacturing hubs. It has been producing parts for the major players such as Toyota, Honda etc., since long. The rubber industry is also doing good in the city as it produces a total of 2K Crore rupees worth of rubber products every year. ITES industry is also starting to peneterate in this bright South Indian Market. Apart from these there are industries for textiles, granite and electronics. The city has also emerged as a retail hub. In this we can clearly take a conclusion that the city is well established in terms of economy.

Eye Popping sites

Madurai is full of historic and ancient monuments and temples especially the temples of Hindus. There are many festivals celebrated in the city in order to mark the culture of state of Tamil Nadu. The Meenaxi marriage and Chittirai Festival is a popular brahmahotava celebrated annually. The Thirumalai Nayak Palace was the residential building used by the then rulers of the city now it is a tourist attraction Madurai. The Sanatanakoodu Festival is celebrated to honor the Saints and prayers are held at the Dargaahs. Azhagar Kovil is a Vishnu Shrine located on the outskirts of the city at around 25 kms, it is built similar to Badrinath temple in the North. Kodaikanal is a popular hill station just 120 km from the city center. Vaigai Dam is yet another mind blowing natural place to chill out with family. The hottest location inside the Madurai city is the Meenaxi temple, a Shiv temple which is houses in a large area.

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