Looking to design your very own engagement ring?

by:Ultimate     2020-11-18

1.The oldie but goodie

Who could ever dispute the sophistication and elegance of a beautifully crafted solitaire diamond engagement ring? The solitaire engagement ring has been a long time favorite amongst couples who are looking for a classic engagement ring design. Designing your own solitaire diamond engagement ring is as simple as choosing a single setting and then choosing a diamond solitaire center stone to go with it. Since this design is so versatile the choices concerning ring setting and center stone are virtually endless.

2.The new and improved

The classic diamond side stone engagement ring has been revolutionized and made into new, intricate and tantalizing designs. The side stone ring has always been popular with customers looking to add a little extra bling to their diamond engagement ring. Now that customers have discovered the option of designing their own engagement rings, the classic side stone ring has been vamped and upgraded. For example, replacing of the regular pave set side stone engagement ring is the whimsical ballerina ring setting. A ballerina setting is mounted with a solitaire diamond center stone (traditionally a round brilliant cut diamond) which is fitted all around with additional accent stones (usually baguette or pear shaped) which form a ruffled, cascading pattern around the center stone, a pattern resembling a ballerina's skirt, hence the name.

3.The tension set

Tension settings have become exceedingly popular amongst younger couples looking for a modern alternative to the traditional prong setting. The tension setting is unique in that it holds the diamond center stone in place solely by exerting tension on the gemstone's girdle (or its sides). The diamond is held by the band's two metal edges which create enough tension to hold it firmly in place. The tension setting is refreshing and unusual and is a great option when designing your own engagement ring.

4.The colorful and whimsical

An increasing amount of couples are opting for a more colorful, whimsical engagement ring as opposed to the traditional colorless diamond engagement ring. design your own engagement ring with a mixture of colorful, vibrant precious gemstones and colored diamonds, set in elaborate, layered settings (such as the cluster setting) which serve to highlight these stones' magnificent hues. The vibrancy of these custom made engagement rings is most appealing to consumers looking for a unique, singular ring.

5.The uniquely fashioned

Uniquely cut diamonds are all the rage in today's diamond jewelry market. design your own engagement ring ring with an unusually shaped diamond can really help to personalize your engagement ring. This day and age, diamonds are available in a variety of shapes and cuts, including heart shaped diamonds, diamonds shaped like stars, animal shaped diamonds, diamonds in the shape of flowers, etc. These unusual, uniquely fashioned gemstones make for the perfect diamond engagement ring center stone.

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