Lining fabric to set off to improve the feel and

by:Ultimate     2020-11-22

Let us look at what purposes hair interlining: help clothing style, shape, shape; enhanced clothing crisp, flexibility; improving fabric drape sense and take comfort; to specific parts of the reinforcement clothing and so on.If that style, fabric and other clothing in the external appearance is the appearance of a garment or style, then it would use the 'skeleton' so profound words to describe the clothing hair interlining very appropriate. The same reason: the face of natural to have different styles for its bones, the choice of hair interlining is also a major problem.

Second, we must understand the fabric structure, fiber composition and finishing position, special attention to the hair interlining Fabric selection and bonding conditions. Master the material at high temperature hot pressure situation when the color applied pressure to do before the hot color test. Master the material in the bonding process heat shrinkage rate and shrinkage.

And is based on processing of clothing and face different choices hair interlining the different parts of the hair interlining. Such as shirts and blouses use polyethylene (PE) coating bonded collar lining, characterized by excellent washing performance, crisp style, can call the shots lining, secondary lining, cuffs, placket. The use of organic silicon field-based fabric finishing, bonding effect is better. Coat should choose polyamide (PA) coating of the jacket lining, according to Men, Women and fabric Bohou select the appropriate species, suitable for a large body, collar, bag cover and other parts to use. Fashion, silk garments can choose PA or PES (polyester) coating of fashion hair interlining, will provide the clothing light crisp style features soft drape. Final consideration is the color and fabric lining to match, especially the thin mottled fabrics to select the appropriate company of color contrast. The shrink rate of lining fabric compatibility, no major differences in requirements. Interlining coating quality, coating the gel-point demands full, seamless point, no powder out.

Bonding equipment choice: shirt adhesive roller is generally used in continuous hot press machine, hot press machine control display temperature, time, pressure and actual temperature, time, pressure differences in order to facilitate accurate adjustment of process parameters. Upper and lower plate and the belt should be to keep clean, should not be wired head, flower hair interlining, powder and other debris there. Pressing the conditions required in mass production before the hot pressing conditions must be optimized to determine the optimum conditions; hai interlining and fabric pressure after peeling hot glue, if the particles and the hair interlining on the equal distribution, it indicates Pressing the appropriate conditions, or need to change the pressure of hot conditions to conduct tests; adhesion formation after the cloth, no foam, no transparent plastic, adhesive strength higher; bond resistance after dry cleaning, washing test, dry cleaning, washing performance to The requirements of making garments; bonding effects can show clothing style, features.

Bonding conditions, including bonding temperature, pressure and pressure hot time in three aspects. Within a certain range interaction between the three elements have a certain connection. Temperature rises, the pressure increased, the burning time can be relatively reduced pressure, and vice versa. High temperature, pressure hot for too long, performance is easy to damage the fabric and color, but also easy to produce through the rubber, the pressure is too large, easy to undermine the fabric (particularly thin fabric) appearance.

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