Life casting is a special type of mold making,

by:Ultimate     2020-11-23

It's for this unique reason that life casts make an everlasting gift for a loved one. In fact, the trend of casting everything from tiny infants' hands and feet to pregnant bellies to faces is fast catching on around the world. Life casts of intertwined hands with a spouse, child, parent or even friend is especially the rage all over. It's almost as if time stands still to celebrate the treasured relationship!

Little wonder then that even amateurs and hobbyists are realizing the rising potential and turning from indulging in a pastime to professional life casting!

This ancient form of life casting involves first making detailed molds of the whole body or particular body part with a skin safe material such as alginate, or moulage. Then casting it in plaster, clay, wax, polyurethane rubber or resin After say, the mold is made, plaster, latex casting rubber, silicone rubber, polyurethane resin or other casting material is poured into the mold and and allowed to set to reveal a life-like cast. Once the finishing touches of paints, dyes and yes, even make up is done, an incredibly striking life cast is ready for the world to behold.

It's obvious that mold making and casting requires a line of quality materials, equipment and tools that may not be available everywhere. EnvironMolds, LLC brings to the world a healthy and environment-safe range of quality mold making and casting supplies. The online ArtMolds Sculpture Studio, facilitates purchase and delivery in 14 countries around the world.

EnvironMolds has a wide range of art supplies, mold making supplies, casting supplies and studio accessories along with books, videos and workshops to help beginners and amateurs perfect their art. There's everything required and much more irrespective of whether you are interested in clay modeling or rubber modeling, resin casting or silicone casting and so on. Professional life casters can decide to opt for a vibrating table or even vacuum pump and chamber to easily eliminate the air bubbles that commonly occur in high viscosity materials or even liquid plastics.

There are different types of eyes and other body parts too that help give the finishing touch. EnvironMolds also has various kinds of mounts and name plates to professionally display the finished piece as well.

And lo and behold, when the final life cast of the face, hands, feet or even full body is presented in this way to the person on whom it is modeled or even by whom it has been commissioned, the beautiful sight is bound to bring a tear to the beholder's eye! This makes all the hard work and effort worth it in the end!

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