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by:Ultimate     2020-11-19

Rubber floors are flooring solutions with rubber as the core module. From rubber tiles to rubber pads, rubber floors can range from temporary flooring solutions to permanent flooring as well.

Rubber based flooring solutions have found a good patronage because of a number of advantages. Some important reasons for considering or opting for rubber based floorings are mentioned as bellow:

Rubber floors are springy, making it comfortable to walk and work upon.

These floorings are sound absorbent, which is a decision making factor in choosing hospital based flooring.

Rubber by itself offers natural resiliency and a good extent of durability.

It has been observed that standing on hard surfaces for a long time causes indirect injuries. No such aspects hold ground for rubber floorings. In fact, rubber floors offer the comfort of easing-strain-on-feet to the extent of it being called - anti-fatigue flooring.

It is a low or easy maintenance kind of flooring. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean as well.

Rubber flooring is dimensionally stable.

In addition, rubberized flooring is recyclable. It doesn't possess any environmental issues.

It comes across as a homogeneous construction.

Non conductive in nature.

Rubber floors provide a good long term value, though it falls in the medium budget segment ( not to cheap, nor too expensive)

Lastly, these flooring solutions offer a variety of resistance aspects like:

Slip resistance (almost anti-slippery flooring)

Resistance to liquid spilling.

Resistance to impact type heavy loads.

Bacteria resistance properties.

Better quality flooring solutions come with sealants which resist water. Coming to the aesthetic aspects, it looks attractive and fresh. With many colors, combinations, patterns and designs (dotted rubber pattern is quite popular) available, flooring solutions come as a good complete package.

Rubber flooring is majorly used in retail stores, hospitals (as it is bacteria resistant, it is used mostly in clean rooms which need to be devoid of disease transmissions), even many parts of gyms and in terms of domestic usage, kitchens do utilize a good percentage of rubber floorings. Rubber mats are available for a variety of purposes as well.

Due to being non conductive, rubber floors are preferred in electronics stores for dual purposes as in these floors offer the comfort of keeping equipments on them directly and even resist electric shocks. All in all, this flooring looks unique, attractive and is not only worth the investment but would definitely manage to turn heads for sure.

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