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1. Pipes

a. The PTFE spiral pipe

This kind of pipe can be employed as the plane engine shield cable along with the protection cable to resist the high temperature grease. Aside from that, it may also be utilized to connect the ceramics, graphite, glass pipe and the like which all have a lower strength in mechanics. Besides these, it really is nonetheless helpful in acting as pipeline of feeding and discharging in between the tank plus the storage, also it may be connected to the pipe to balance the pipe's altering size which brought on by the substances expand when heated and contract when cooled. And silicone sheet may also be utilised as a flexible wire casing and so forth.

b. The fluorine plastic heat shrinkable tube

Main characteristics: Shrink when heated, consequently to form a protective layer.

Main application: It is broadly employed in electrical, mechanical, chemical, printing along with other departments as a dependable insulation and anti-sticking material.

c. The steel pipe lined with PTFE

Main functions: This sort of Teflon lined steel pipe is superior at corrosion resistance and has great rigidity; it can support shock, vibration and distortion in a certain extent. It has been broadly utilised in petroleum, the transportation of the corrosive liquid and gas in chemical industry.

2. Plates

Main goods: Turning plate, molded boards (bridge dedicated slider)

Main functions: The PTFE molded plate is processed by the suspension PTFE resin, which has the superb corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient, hence it has been widely utilised.

Main application: It may be manufactured into gaskets, seals, lining shelves, scraper and numerous sorts of frequently employed electrical insulation parts, bridge bearing slides.

3. Bars

Main items: A variety of general bars, for example push rods, molded rods, etc.

Main functions: This sort of product is very good at corrosion resistance and dielectric properties, it has excellent resistance to aging even for the duration of long time use in an environment which temperature is generally 180 ~ 250 celsius degree, besides these, it has a low coefficient of friction.

Main application: It really is in most cases employed as electrical insulation parts in all sort of frequency plus the sealing gasket, anti-sticking materials, lubrication material in different corrosive media.

4. PTFE film

Main items: Turning film, directed film, semi-directed film, color half-directed film, color film of red, yellow, green and any other colors.

Main functions: It has outstanding characteristics of high tensile strength, great insulation and non-stick feature.

Main application: The capacitor insulation materials, special cable insulation layer, electrical insulation meter, non-stick tape, sealing tape. Besides these, it can also be applied for motors, transformers insulation.

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