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by:Ultimate     2020-11-22

The design and Style factor of Katie's ring

Katie's engagement ring is nothing short of a legend. If you love heart shape diamond engagement ring, you need to check the adorable oval ring that looks stunning and truly captivating. The oval shaped center diamond is about five carats in size. The diamond is set is platinum and rose gold with detailed pave setting to give it a magnificent look. Small pave diamonds surround the large rock reaching to shining platinum band. The oval diamond has been mounted to give the depth of the stone a better meaning. Many people argue that the style for that kind of a large diamond is quite predictable due to small bands, but the ring looks classy and elite.

The design is exceedingly common in all antique rings, thanks to the simplicity of the pave diamonds. Although the small accented stone pattern is not something we haven't seen before, the choice of the metal certainly deserves a mention here. The rose gold color surrounding the diamond magnifies its brilliance and fire. The platinum band also features similar pave diamond designed with utmost detailing. The right can be often mistaken for a heart shape diamond engagement ring by novices, thanks to the giant rock and intricate designing. What goes on the wrong side is the size of the stone. It is quite understood that a five carat diamond would have cost in millions, but it hardly adds style to Katie's slender fingers. The ring looks rather too large on her. The diamond cut for the ring is signature idea with a color D' and clarity FL'.

Buying one like Katie's: How to buy?

If have fallen in love with Katie's engagement ring, you need to know a few things before you buy. Firstly, do not opt for such a large solitaire (even if you can afford one). Secondly, the design is unquestionably classy, and you can find heart shape diamond engagement ring in that setting in online stores. There are some truly large collections of heart shaped diamonds that are set in antique designs and with height. The most notable feature in Katie's is certainly the height and mount of the ring. In case, you are looking for heart shaped diamond in that height, look for less detailing. Having pave diamonds undoubtedly adds to the glory of the diamond, but you need to ensure that you do not overshadow the brilliance of the center diamond. The prices are dependent on the size of the diamond and choice of metal.

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