How to Test, Remove and Install a Corvair Fuel Pump

by:Ultimate     2020-11-28
Although I have never had a problem with the fuel pump going out, there are others as well.There are no real symptoms unless you press the throttle while moving and there is no acceleration and splash.Sometimes they don\'t give you any warning and just let you stop driving or leaking water.
Disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor.2.Disconnect the primary coil wire from the coil so that the engine does not start, but will flip.3.Place the container at the end of the fuel line.
Turn on the ignition key.
Do not use remote launcher.
A good pump will produce 1 pint of fuel in 40 seconds.Use a fuel pressure gauge to connect it to the end of the fuel line disconnected from carbs.Running the engine and idle speed, the pressure should be read 4-5 lbs.
If it is too high or too low or fluctuating, the pump will go bad.Replace.1.2.If possible, use two tubing wrenches to remove the fuel line in 3 places of the pump (two outlet lines of the inlet, T connector.3.Under and behind the pump, loosen the 9/16 \"lock nut on the 1/2 head jamb Bolt.
Loosen the bolt with your finger until the fuel pump pops up/pulls out.Carefully remove the putter from the engine.The dent or dent in the lower part of the pump rod \\ shaft must have rubber O-Ring.
Remove 1/8 copper pipe from the pump.
Note: Sealing/tape is not required for brass fittings.1.Insert and tighten the 1/8 copper pipe in the right hole.2.Insert brass torch fittings in the left hole.
Make sure O-The ring is gently installed on the new pump/grease.4.[forward].Turn the 1/2 \\ \"Bolt with your finger and swing the pump at the same time to find the dimples!Hold your fingers tight!But Snug!5.Use a wrench to keep the bolt head rigid!Make it a comfortable nut fit.
The pump should still swing slightly in the hole.6.Insert and use fingers only, tighten the torch nut on the 3 fuel lines removed.Use the tubing wrench if possible and tighten only three fuel lines.
Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws at the top of the pump, snuggle each screw together as you move in a circle, this is the number of times no screws have been found loose, since your last tightening8.Start the engine and check for leaks.Due to poor quality control during manufacturing, something should be checked before installation.1.Take a picture or write down how the fuel pump is assembled, because once the fuel pump is separated, you may be confused when it is put back together.
Remove the fuel pump by removing five screws.When you take it apart, always pay attention to how things are.3.--xa0Remove the spring.4.Make sure there\'s anbackflow dam.This is usually on the shaft and above the bottom of the pump.
It prevents gas from entering oil.
Hold the stem \\ diaphragm in one hand to see if you can rotate the top and lower parts.Go back if you can.They should not rotate each other.Make sure all the diaphragm is fiber-reinforced, as the lower diaphragm is usually a failed diaphragm.6
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