how to sell old aluminum scuba tanks

by:Ultimate     2020-11-29
Scuba diving is a leisure sport.
Although many divers have their own equipment, there are always people who need it.
Scuba diving requires so many items that interested buyers will first look for scuba tanks.
Aluminum cans are the \"standard\" for divers because they are lighter than steel cans.
While you can sell your tank anywhere, the best chance to get the highest price for your tank will be online.
By doing some quick checks on your tank, you can sell your old gear quickly and easily on your own.
Description difficulty: conduct a visual inspection and water and electricity test on your aluminum scuba water tank at a local dive shop.
It will cost about $40, but this is an important part of selling your tank.
The date will be printed on top of your tank;
These dates are mentioned when selling.
If you have a DIN valve on your scuba tank, you will want to replace it with an updated, lighter K valve.
Many old tanks still use DIN valves, which are now out of date.
List the scuba tanks for sale on Craigslist or eBay.
Unfortunately, the online store is not involved in the transaction, so the only way to sell your tank is through private resale.
Once you sell the tank, remove the remaining air and ship it to the buyer.
This prevents tanks from exploding without careful operation.
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