How to Seal the O-Ring on a Swimming Pool Filter

by:Ultimate     2020-11-29
Pool filter O-ringThe ring is usually made of B-C rubber because it can withstand harmful outdoor conditions.Only silicone-Lubricating oil based on O-Ring, because the chemical composition of rubber breaks down with the use of oilBased on lubricating oil.O-There are rings in many locations on the pool filter, each O-Ring seal in the same way.
Take appropriate steps to seal O-Ring on the filter to avoid future damage.Clean the area around the pool filterThe ring is installed to remove a small amount of silica or debris from the area with a soft cloth.A filter has a few O-Rings in different locationsThey are mounted on the pressure gauge and tank adapter at the top of the filter.
A large O-The ring exists between the top and bottom of the tankPool filter.Other O-The filter outlet, inlet and drain plug are fitted with a ring.Wipe the O-Clean the ring with a soft cloth to remove the debris and the old sealing material.
Debris and the old sealing material may result in O-Ring not properly sealed.Inspect the O-A ring used for damage, such as a crack or curling area.Replace the damaged O-Call if necessary.Apply a thin layer of silicone coatingBase lubricant used on pool filter Orings.
Make sure you put the whole O-Ring with lubricant.Install the O-Ring in pool filter.Determine O-The ring seat is attached to the groove and does not protrude from the groove or twist;protruding O-The ring may indicate that the ring is old and needs to be replaced
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