How to Replace Car Door Locks

by:Ultimate     2020-11-25
Car door locks may not work properly, there may be several times.In this case, it needs to be replaced in order to prevent the car from being stolen.Let\'s take a look at the way to change the car door lock so that you can do the task yourself in case of an emergency.
Excessive use or misplacement of keys can cause the car door lock to be useless or lose function.Usually, the door lock on the driver\'s side is easy to fail compared to other doors because it is the most used.No matter what the cause of the lock failure is, it needs to be replaced so as not to endanger the safety of the car or its accessories.
Safety is better than sorry.
So if you have a lock problem, replace it with the help of the locksmith, or do it yourself.Before the dysfunctional car door lock poses a threat to the safety of the car, it is essential to replace it.Changing the car door lock is not a daunting task and can be done at home with the basic skills that everyone may have.
Get a replacement from any car store before starting the task of changing the car door lock and check if it matches your car model.Depending on the model and brand, the cost of the car door lock may vary.However, you can purchase the door lock at any auto parts store or even online.
Once you \'ve purchased a replacement, it\'s time to focus on removing the lock that doesn\'t work.With the help of a cross screwdriver, remove the door panel and the seat armrest.The plastic cover and screws attached to the seat, usually two, should be removed.
If your car has power windows or door lights (which can be found in some car models), you need to disconnect the wires before you start replacing the car door lock.To do this, find the power window regulator and screw the bolts with the help of a wrench.The door light should do the same and remove the door panel.
After removing the door panel, pry open the plastic cover from the screw of the door handle and remove it with a simple screwdriver.This will release the door handle inside.Once the door handle swings freely, you will notice a rod on the lock core.The door handle assembly will be attached to the rod.
Unscrew the bolt holding the rod and open the clip to release the door handle assembly.Disconnect the wires and electrical connectors in the door and remove the lock bar from the latch.Once the door is completely separated, use pliers to push the plastic clip out of the rod and pull it out of the hole.
You will notice a C.
Spring clip for car door lock.
To release the door lock, lift the spring by grasping the top curve.Now, the old lock can be easily removed from the door.Repair the new lock and place the spring in the same way as the old one.
Make sure the groove is fully installed in the lock.Place the lock core in the appropriate position and tighten it with the card ring and clip.Reassemble the door handle assembly to the door by connecting the rod.
Reconnect the rod to the lock core with the help of bolts.Now fix the internal handle in the original position and fix the plastic cover.Replace the handrails and other parts removed from the car.
Now, with the help of a screwdriver, reinstall the door and check that all screws, nuts and bolts are in place safely.By doing this task yourself, you can savexa0About $100.However, if you are unable to complete the task, then you can get help from a car repairman who will replace the car lock in a way that will be charged.
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