How to Remove a Door Panel from your Car

by:Ultimate     2020-11-25
Car repairs are expensive.However, you can do some minor repairs yourself at home.Removing the door panel is simple and this article will take you through the steps of how to complete the door panel.There may be various reasons for removing the car door panel.
Sometimes your window doesn\'t scroll down correctly, there may be a problem with the door handle, the door lock may get stuck, and sometimes you want to install the speaker on the door panel.Except for all of these reasons, you may just want to replace it with a new one.Whatever your motivation is, removing them is a simple process.
Before removing the door panels, you should figure out how these door panels are installed.Most panels are connected with screws and bolts, and some of them have snap-insin fittings.Therefore, identify the tools that align with you.
For snap-In accessories, a flatThe head screwdriver should be able to do the job while the ratchet or socket is required to remove the screws and bolts.Usually, there are screws and bolts near the door light or below the armrest area.Determine their exact location.Roll down your windows and start removing them.
Just in case your car suddenlyIn the accessories, pry them out from the bottom corner of the panel.If you have a power window, please take out its control panel.If your car has a manual window, you have to find the window crank with a flashlight.
With the help of the \"l\" shape picker, remove the metal clip that keeps the crank in its position.Once the clip is removed, just pull the crank out.Next, you have to take out the door handle.
Unscrew a small screw in the center of the handle.Carefully pull the door handle out a little, remove the clip from the back and release it from the bar.After that, remove the screws from the lock of the panel.
Once everything is removed, gently remove the door panel by prying into the bottom edge of the door panel.Pull up and down with your hands.Following the steps, you can easily complete the task of removing the car door panel.This will also help you save money, otherwise you will spend it on simple car repair work.
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