how to rebuild a walbro carburetor

by:Ultimate     2020-11-25
Walbro carburetor is one of the most popular carburetor brands on the market for people who eat weeds, leaf blowing machines and small gasoline engines for some chain saws.
Over time, almost all the vaporizers need to be rebuilt.
Small rubber parts become brittle and break, and small holes are blocked by debris.
By following a series of processes, you can rebuild the small carburetor in about an hour and leave the hard-earned cash in your pocket by doing it yourself.
Remove the carburetor from the small engine using the correct settings
Size Allen wrench.
Place the carburetor on a hard, flat surface covering several layers of newspaper.
Some of the gas may leak from the intake tube and the newspaper absorbs the wrong liquid.
Observe that there are two removable covers on the opposite side of the house.
One cover has four small screws and the other has only one large screw in the middle of the thick aluminum cover.
Remove four small screws from the carburetor housing using a small jeweler screwdriver.
Install the small cover and screws together to the side of the work area.
Using the sharp edge of the pock knife, carefully pry the rubber fuel pump gasket from the surface.
You can put this part aside for the time being.
Flip the carburetor and remove the large center screw on the thick cover.
Use the knife again to pry the rubber gasket off the shell.
Note that a small needle valve is placed under the gasket with a small plate and a smaller Philips head screw.
Using a small jewelry screwdriver, remove the fixing screw for the fixing needle valve.
When you pull the plate out of the shell with a small needle nose thin claw pliers, be aware that there is a very small spring under the plate.
This spring is not included in the rebuild kit, so don\'t release it.
Remove the plate, small metal bar, small spring and needle valve from the housing.
Please note that there is a small screen under this area with a diameter of about 3/8.
Pry open the screen loose with the tip of the knife.
Remove the small fuel control mixing screws marked \"Hi\" and \"Lo\" from the housing.
Put these screws aside and make sure that the small springs that surround the screws are consistent with the correct screws.
Spray the metal case thoroughly using the carburetor cleaner.
Pay special attention to small holes and drilling holes.
Connect the trail tube to the nozzle of the cleaner tank and rinse all openings in the metal casing.
Before assembling the reconstruction kit back into the carburetor, allow the carburetor to be completely dry.
Open the plastic bag for the reconstruction kit and list all the parts contained in the sealed bag.
You will notice that not all new parts match the one you removed.
The reconstruction kit for sale contains all parts of all Walbro carburetor.
Match the parts you have removed and put them in the newspaper.
Put the extra parts back in the plastic bag so they don\'t interfere with the reconstruction.
Replace the new part in the order you remove the new part.
Insert the new small filter screen and push it down with your fingers in order to properly place the screen on the raised edge of the round shell hole.
Replace the new plate, Rod arm and needle valve to the floating area.
The insertion of small springs can be a bit tricky, but please take a moment.
Put the case in the newspaper and then insert the screen into the machining hole.
Place the plate on the top of the spring, and then install the needle valve to the catch part of the plate.
When starting the small Philips head screw, the thin mouth clamp can help to fix the spring in place.
Install new washers in the needle valve area and tighten the thick aluminum cover with screws.
Assemble the \"Hi\" and \"Lo\" mixing screws back to the appropriate opening.
Close the screw valves completely and then turn them on for a rough adjustment of 1 turn.
Open the case and install a new diaphragm fuel pump.
The new pump may be a plastic composite, not a rubber composite that you remove.
Walbro has changed this section and the new one works fine.
Be sure to align the two small placement nail holes with the opening in the diaphragm.
Place the lid on the fuel pump area and tighten the small screws.
Install the modified carburetor on the small engine and try it.
In order to operate correctly, you may have to re-adjust the \"Hi\" and \"Lo\" speed mixing valves on the side of the carburetor.
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