How to Measure Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

by:Ultimate     2020-11-26
If you don\'t know anything about the measurement of sliding glass door curtains, this decorative article is exactly what you need to read.The sliding glass door is the standard fixture for the patio entrance.They provide an elegant overall atmosphere for your family and act as spaces-The alternative is saved compared to the traditional opening and closing doors.
While they can see your patio, sometimes they also take away your privacy.), Often bring too much direct sunlight.Installing curtains is one of the easiest solutions to achieve privacy protection goals and keep the interior cool by creating a Sun buffer.If you have experience sewing curtains, you will know that the correct size will vary.
Curtains need to be customized precisely to cover windows or doors.They are neither too long nor too short.Therefore, the correct measurement of the curtains is absolutely necessary.The curtains are of the right size, look neat and large scale.
The insulation barrier created by these curtains helps keep your house cool.Needless to say, you need a tape measure to operate as it can provide you with standardized measurements.You can choose the plastic belt specially designed for custom measurement, or you can choose the steel belt that can provide you with more accurate measurement.
If the size of the door is quite large, you may need an elevated stool to come to the top of the door for measurement purposes.The measurements you need to make are very simple in nature.All you have to do is measure the height and width of the door.
All you need is a vertical and a horizontal measurement.First, you can measure the height.The height of the curtain will extend from the rod mounted on the door to the floor.So if you already have the bar, accurately measure the distance between the center of the bar and the floor.
Make sure that the tape does not bend when making measurements.If you haven\'t installed the bar yet, make a pencil mark at the center of the bar and measure the total length (cm or ft) from that point to the floor ).From this height measurement, subtract a 2 inch so that the curtains do not drag on the floor and there are some gaps there.
After the height measurement is completed, the width measurement is simple.Simply measure the distance between the ends of the sliding glass door border and add 10 inch to the measurement to get the width of the curtain so you can customize the curtain.This is to make sure the curtains cover the door properly.
This is the end of the measurement project.You can provide the tailor with the size of the curtains and you will give him the work.As mentioned earlier, please make sure to reduce the height measurement of the curtain by one inch or more in order to leave a certain degree of gap at the bottom.
In addition, it is better to make the width of the curtain a little wider than the precise measurement of the sliding door to ensure that it covers the door completely
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