How to Fill a Hydrostatic Transmission in a Lawn Tractor

by:Ultimate     2020-11-26
The static hydraulic transmission in the lawn tractor needs to be repaired, including discharging the old static hydraulic oil, replacing the filter and adding new static hydraulic oil.The hydraulic transmission consists of a hydraulic pump and a motor, usually-Driven by the Lawn Tractor Engine, push the lawn tractor forward and backward through the 1 feet control pedal or hand lever.Under the lawn tractor seat, there are generally static and hydraulic oil dispensers, but some new lawn tractors have two transmission oil dispensers.Park the lawn tractor on a flat horizontal working surface and let the engine transmission completely cool before filling the transmission.Set the lawn tractor parking brake to prevent the lawn tractor from shifting or rolling while working.Slide an oil-Under the static hydraulic transmission oil plug, the oil tray is directly connected to the old transmission oil.The transmission oil discharge plug is generally located on one side of the transmission facing the bottom.Some lawn tractors are manufactured and models of the static hydraulic transmission may have one or more transmission oil plugs, one for the static hydraulic transmission side and the other for the differential gear side.Clean the dirt and debris around the static hydraulic transmission oil box cover with a clean towel to prevent the static hydraulic transmission and the transmission refueling system from being contaminated.Some static hydraulic drives have multiple transmission tanks under the lawn tractor seat: one full of static hydraulic drive side and the other full of differential gear side.Both the differential and the hydraulic transmission are connected by an internal cavity.Loosen the static hydraulic transmission oil storage cover by hand to drain the transmission oil.A loose lid allows the air to enter the refueling system, eliminating the air vacuum and providing better drainage of the oil flow.Screw down the hydraulic drive oil plug with a socket wrench and allow the transmission oil to be fully discharged.Screw the transmission oil plug into the transmission.Plug the transmission oil with a socket and torque wrench.For specific transmission plug torque specifications, please refer to the owner\'s operating manual of your lawn tractor manufacturer.Slide the transmission oil pan directly under the static hydraulic transmission oil filter machine.Some brands and models of static hydraulic transmission are equipped with transmission oil filters to clean the transmission oil and extend the life of the transmission oil.Screw the static hydraulic transmission oil filter off the transmission oil filter housing with an oil filter wrench.Slide the oil filter wrench onto the oil filter.Turn the oil filter counter-clockwise and unscrew the transmission oil filter from the oil filter housing.Apply your finger to the new transmission oil filter seal with a clean fluid static hydraulic transmission oil.Screw the new oil filter onto the oil filter housing by hand.Tighten the transmission oil filter with the oil filter wrench.Slide the transmission oil pan under the transmission oil filter.Fill the static hydraulic transmission oil filter with the new static hydraulic transmission oil.Pour the transmission oil into the reservoir by hand.Fill the tank to the full line of the side relief of the tank.Screw the fuel cap of the transmission tank onto the tank and tighten the cap by hand.Start the lawn tractor engine.Check the transmission oil leakage around the transmission drain plug and transmission filter housing.Drive the tractor forward and backward several times to check if the drive is correct.Park the lawn tractor on a flat level.Stop the lawn tractor engine and check the static hydraulic transmission oil position.If necessary, add additional transmission oil so that the oil level on the transmission oil layer reaches the whole line.When the engine and transmission are cooled, the oil card drain panc lean workshop towelSocket wrenchsocorque wrenchOil filter wrenchOil static hydraulic transmission oil filter always check the oil level of the static hydraulic transmissionThe static hydraulic transmission oil will expand with the heat and give the wrong reading when it is hot.
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