how to determine the volume of a scuba tank

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Air volume or volume in a scuba tank is important in diving planning as it directly affects the time you dive at a specific depth.
The volume of the scuba water tank is usually in cubic feet, and sometimes in liters, to measure how much air the tank can hold under a given pressure.
For example, when the pressure in the tank is 3,000 psi, an 80 cubic foot tank with a filling pressure of 3,000 psi will contain 13 cubic feet of air.
The scuba water tank manufacturer will permanently print the mark on the outside of the tank and therefore comply with the regulations of the US Department of Transport.
The manufacturer usually uses volume as one of these marks.
Description difficulty: it is slightly easier to find the name of the stamped manufacturer in the neck of the scuba tank.
Check the manufacturer\'s specifications for a description of the neck mark.
Neck markers are sometimes called coronary markers.
Use the manufacturer\'s description as a guide to reading marks to look for volume marks at the neck of the scuba water tank.
This mark is usually similar to the AL80 or S80, indicating the aluminum-80 or SCUBA 80.
Depending on the manufacturer, read the number of the mark as the volume of the scuba water tank, which is read as cubic feet or liters.
For example, Catalina Cylinders uses the cylinder identifier of the S80 to represent a scuba water tank with a volume of 80 cubic feet.
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