How To Customize a Blythe Doll

by:Ultimate     2020-11-27
Doesn\'t your Bryce look the same as other Bryce?Or does your Bryce look a bit shabby these days and need to make up for it urgently?For those who are looking for a weekend event, here is a little bit of help.Find what you need to know and make up your Bryce on this lens.Or be too scared or too lazy to work on your Bryce and find a custom Bryce listing for sale!This website will be updated from time to time.
So stay on and learn more!Great Discovery on nude dolls can be customized!I fully understand the anxiety of customizing one of your girls.There\'s too much love and affection to hurt her in case you screw things up.This is the advantage of Ebay!You can buy old dolls to practice your custom skills.
Better yet, you can convince yourself that you just give her a compensation.Here are some of the most popular sellers of used dolls.Shiny no more!I think we should start with something easy for beginners who are customizing Bryce for the first time.
One of Blythe owners\'s favorite activities is to take pictures of their girls.This is one of my favorite time in the past.One of the things that annoyed me as a new Bryce owner was the shiny face of my doll.
I hate the light on their faces when I take pictures.Looks like the bottom of the frying pan.It doesn\'t look smart at all!There are two ways to make her face Fuller.The first method is to use Mr. Super Clear.To do this, you must first cover her hair and the rest of her body with plastic wrap.
Also, take two triangular sheets of paper, roll them into the shape of a cone, and insert them into her eye socket.This protects her eyes from the spray.Please note that the smell of the spray is very bad, so be sure to do so in a garden with plenty of air.Spray on 2 -According to your quest, 5 coats, make sure each one is dry before you spray again.
Please note that the makeup will appear lighter after spraying, and you are already sealed in the makeup with spray.The downside of matte spraying is that you end up with dirt and scratches on it, which you can\'t touch.The preferred method is to use a sand sponge.
It is recommended that you use Norton\'s fine grinding sponge (more than 300 capsules ).Again, protect her eyes with paper cones.Cut the sandpaper into small rectangular pieces and make a test with a fine grinding sponge in the back of her head.Your sandpaper is too rough if you see scratches.
You can continue to sprinkle sand on her face, but remember to do it with love, or you can change the outline of her face.Polishing her face will remove her makeup.So, if you want to keep her eye shadow and blush, remember to stay away from these areas.
When you finish polishing her with a fine sponge, wipe it again with a fine sponge to get a smooth, perfect surface.Finally, rub her with a soft T-shirt to restore a bit of brilliance to her face.This is one of the easiest customizations you can perform on your Bryce to get excellent results.
Let me finish with MAC!!Think of yourself as a makeup artist?Or just want your Bryce to look like you?Here\'s an easy way to make up for her without leaving your home!As mentioned earlier, polishing dolls can remove blush and eye makeup.One suggestion from some experienced Blythe Customizer is to make your doll with your own makeup.I was surprised to hear the news, but yes, you were right.
Your makeup can also make up for your Bryce doll!To add color to the cheek, rotate the cotton ball into the desired blush.Use apply motion and gentle whirlpool to apply cosmetics in the desired area.Gently blow away the excess.Continue to add the color until you get the desired color.
Her eyes can do the same.
Apply the desired color using a cotton ball or Q suction head.You can Sand her with extra fine sponge and reshape the eyeshadow or blush.Also, if you leave a dirty stain anywhere on her face, you can also gently sand it off.
Makeup will have to be re-applied every few months.However, you can choose to stamp it in her makeup with Mr. Super Clear.But please note the shortcomings of using Mr.
Super Clear in the Shiny No More chapter.Get me over with chalk!The second part changes her eyeshadow color and blush.Chalk pastel is another way to make Dolly\'s cosmetics.
Pay attention to buying chalk and pastel, don\'t buy paint.A piece of paper with you.Pick the color you want to use for your doll and apply it strongly on paper until it forms powder residue on the surface.Be careful not to put the color on your hands or fingers, otherwise you may accidentally leave the print where you don\'t want to leave the print.
Use the cotton ball again and pick up the powder color on the cotton ball.Blow away the excess powderThen pat gently on her cheek or eye, massage gently and rotate gently.From here it\'s basically the same as the first part, it\'s just that we use chalk pastels instead of makeup.
Please note that a strong color cannot be obtained with chalk pastel.A strong color can only be achieved with an air brush.My research on air brushing my teeth tells me that this is expensive for professionals.
This effect is also permanent, so I strongly recommend using makeup or chalk strokes.Give me Angelina Jolie\'s lips.!I haven\'t tried it before because I believe you need a pair of stable hands to paint on a new pair of sweet lips.But for brave souls, here\'s your guide to the new sexy lips you \'ve designed for your Bryce.
Liner Brush.
Make acrylic paint in the color you want to mix.Make varnish on the finish you want.Mix the acrylic paint to get the color of the desired color.The mixture should be 4 parts of acrylic paint and 1 part of acrylic extender.
Mix it to ensure its consistency.
My suggestion is to keep the original lips so that you can have a guide when painting the lips.First line of lips, pay attention to keep the sharp edges and corners of the lips.Then pick up more colors with a brush and fill in the lips.
If your mixture is too thin, the original color of the lips will appear.If so, tissue the color with a wet tissue and thicken the mixture by adding more paint to the mixture.Please keep it dry when you are satisfied with the color, thickness and consistency.
There are bubbles carefully.
If any, lift them with the tip of the brush.Dry for about 12 hours.If you are satisfied with the results, further refine the corners and edges with a toothpick.If you are not satisfied with the final color or result, wash the paint with hot soapy water, and if you have made other customizations to her face, be careful not to let the water ruin her other makeup.
If the paint is stubborn, wipe the alcohol.Assuming you like this result, you can now seal the color with a process varnish.Once again, let it stay overnight to make sure it is completely dry.
Yes, you\'re done now!Say hello to the new sexy lips!Give me lashes!!Putting new lashes on your Bryce is another surgery that doesn\'t require scalp removal.To remove her lashes, you have to soak in warm water for about 20 minutes.NOTE!!Hot water does not boil.This program will help dissolve the gule that pushes the eyelashes away.
When you take the doll out of the water, the lashes should fall off on their own.If the lashes do not come out, remove the remaining lashes with tweezers.You will notice that the eyelashes are stuck in the groove.
To remove the residual glue, remove the glue from the groove using a fine needle.Now, if you want to make your Bryce lashes thick, it is completely unnecessary to remove the original lashes.You can insert new lashes on old lashes.In this way, you can choose to return to the stock market if you like.
Let\'s say, like me, hate Bryce\'s false eyelashes, you may find the lashes you want to use from the department store.Cut the eyelashes into the desired length and insert them through the groove.There are two options for keeping the eyelashes still.
The first option is to buy fake eyelashes that already have tape.Insert the eyelashes into the groove with a needle and gently push them in place with a needle.Adhesive tape is enough to keep it.The second method is to use white craft glue.
Don\'t use something stronger than this, because you will damage the plastic in the long run.I \'ve also read that you can simply use the lash glue that comes with the dentures.They did the job well without damaging the plastic.
Dry the doll.
This is a very non-invasive procedure that anyone can perform.Have fun!I\'m tired of making a pink eye doll!!Change her lenses.This is another procedure involving warm water.
If you are also planning to work on her lashes, I would say dip her head in warm water again for 20 minutes.But if you want to protect her lashes, you have to stick her lashes back.Take two cotton balls, soak in warm water and put them in the eye socket.
Repeat the process in about 30 minutes.
Again, the purpose of this exercise is to dissolve and soften the glue used to stick the eye mask to the eye socket.You need to buy glue sticks for the next program.Heat one end of the glue stick to heat the glue, then stick it to the eye socket and stick it to the lens you want to remove.
Keep it in place until it dries.
Then, use the glue stick as a stand and pull out the eye stick with a quick action.If you\'re lucky, the lenses will stick to one end of the glue stick.If not, try it a few more times.It takes several attempts to relax.Once it falls off, you can replace it with the eye piece of your choice.
Similarly, process glue is used for this purpose.The adhesive glue of Aleene is recommended.Find your eye patch supply on eBay!This is a seller who has been there for a while.
Also include links that teach you how to use their products.English is not very good, but you can see all kinds of eye lenses here.It\'s an invasive procedure, but it\'s completely necessary if you want her to get a sleep or have a problem with her eyes.
If you have hardened yourself and opened her head, you will find that, sanding, spraying Mr. Chaoqing, the change of the eye lens and the painting of the lips are easier when the head is opened.I will not pretend to be an expert in this field.
In addition, this is a tedious and complicated process.I won\'t take you through it all in a way without pictures.Fortunately, months of research helped me find some of the best sites.
Here are some links to a very comprehensive page about opening your doll head.Be careful with your fingers and good luck!I have done it!!!This is not a complex program in itself.Part of the difficulty is to open the head of the doll, depending on which type you have, it is often different in complexity and difficulty.
Lass Kiss is a glowing doll, so it is relatively simple.There are basically two ways to give Bryce the eye of sleep.A person can not have to open the head at all, the second way is to open the head.
There are two holes behind your Bryce doll.One came from us and the other was square with a hook around.Use a crochet to unlock the wires around the poles.
Note: Don\'t let go of metal hooks!!Pull carefully out of the hole and tie your rope to the hook.You will find that the normal pull string will close your eyes and change, but you need to pull this new string you just added to open your eyes.It sounds easy, but it\'s not the best way.
Over time, you release the spring on the head of the doll, and if you want to, you will find that you cannot reverse the process.Use a crochet to unlock the wire spring around the bar.Open the Head of your doll.You will see the area where the spring is attached to the eye mechanism.
Pass your rope through the same hole you hook.Insert the rope through the same hole from which the rope is pulled, and then close the head of your doll.So simple!The only difficult part is to open the head.
Find a link below to show you how to tie the rope when the head is open.Have fun!Eye Mask doll!Coming Soon!Yes...I\'m a little reckless lately.I want to blink one of my dolls.So I started my research online again.I haven\'t found anything completely comprehensive so far (of course, I might be really stupid!!I have also read that changing to blink will make the eye mechanism very \"unstable \"...In a story I read, there was a flying eye.
But I don\'t think I will give up yet.
Below is the link to the Wink Eye I found on the TIB Forum.Please feel free to add if anyone has any contributions.After all, we are all learning from each other and to be honest, I can\'t wait to solve the mystery behind the blink of an eye!Give me Nicole Rich\'s Bob!!Okay, so I haven\'t done this to my doll yet.
However, as I plan to do so soon, I promise there will be a lot of information soon.In the meantime, look at a link I found online.Not very comprehensive, but I promise I will find something good soon.
I will continue to write this column, so keep checking!Or, if you want me to show your doll on the Flickr page, please give me a note of where I can find your doll!
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