homemade strike indicator rubber bands for fly fishing

by:Ultimate     2020-11-27
When fishing in various stream conditions, the anglers use the strike indicator.
The strike indicator can be used with dry flies in the fast moving riffles, or the depth of the nymphs can be set in the deep lazy swimming pool.
Although there are many changes in the indicators of commercial manufacturing, many anglers choose to customize the design and make it by themselves.
Rubber bands or O-rings are used as plugs for Strike indicators, and may be the most important piece of the puzzle when making your own strike indicators.
Description difficulty: Select the rubber O-ring of 5/16 or 3/8 size appropriately according to your personal preference and the diameter of the leader you will be using.
The smaller O-rings are usually more firmly fixed in the appropriate position, while the larger diameter may be easier to slide and reposition.
Slide the O-ring over the end of a pair of surgical tongs.
The pliers claw should be closed, and the O-ring needs to slide backwards as much as possible in order to open the pliers claw later in the process. Select a 9-
Inch length of green yarn.
Pinch a small piece of yarn with a diameter not greater than 1/4.
Cut the yarn 9 inch long with a sharp pair of scissors.
Fold the length of the green yarn in half and then in half. Cut a 3-
Remove an inch of red, yellow, orange or other brightly colored yarn from skein with a sharp pair of scissors.
Spread the bright yarn over the folded green yarn.
Open the lower jaw of the tweezers, and by turning the tweezers off 1/4 from one end of the yarn, clamp one end of the green and bright yarn in place.
Trim the short end of the yarn extending from the lower jaw of the tweezers, so that even the ring in the green yarn can be cut freely.
Slide the O-ring down from the pliers and slip into the middle of the yarn.
Remove the tweezers from the yarn and fold the yarn in half with the intermediate O-ring.
Cut 1 inch long and 1/2 wide straps from rubber surgical gloves.
Slide the rubber gloves half over the O-ring.
Pull the two ends of the rubber strip along one side of the double yarn around the O-ring.
Wrap the green thread around the yarn above the rubber strip and rubber O-ring.
Wrap the thread around the gathered yarn and rubber strip to be as close to the O-ring as possible.
Turn six to seven laps with lines.
Cut the line from the shaft with scissors.
Trim the yarn flush with scissors into a length of about 3/4 long.
This trim will average the yarn, remove the remaining ring of the green yarn, and reveal bright colored yarn in the middle of the strike indicator.
The article by Keith DooleyKeith Dooley has a degree in outdoor education and sports management.
He has served as assistant sports director, head coach and assistant coach in various sports including football, softball and golf.
Dooley has worked for various websites in the past to write teaching articles on various topics.
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