Have you recently acquired a new Xbox 360? It

by:Ultimate     2020-11-21

But overheating isn't the only thing that can go wrong. Until something goes wrong, we don't worry about things, but if you've experienced the ring of death, then proper care and maintenance is probably a bigger priority for you now. The following is a list of some proper care and usage tips:

1.) Don't toss out the box and packaging. Someday you'll want to bring your Xbox on your travels and packing it in the original box will safeguard it from damage. You'll avoid the work of coming up with your own container.

2.) We often put game cases and other related items on top of your console. This is very handy but also potentially damaging to your Xbox 360. The console is notorious for getting hot during operation.

Anything that is placed on the consoles top acts as an insulator which locks the heat in. Something else to keep in mind is that your Xbox should only be used in an area with adequate ventilation. Don't use it next to heat sources including direct sunlight.

3.) Make sure that your entertainment center is open on all sides including the back. This ensures that there will be adequate ventilation so that overheating is avoided.

4.) This tip is obvious to most people but if ignored can cause a lot of grief. Don't allow cables and wires to get spread out over the floor. It's an accident waiting to happen since anyone could snag them and pull the console onto the floor.

5.) The console and its immediate vicinity should be kept clear of dust. The cooling vents may draw in the dust which can prevent heat in the console from escaping.

6.) If you're thinking about modifying your Xbox, understand that opening up your console will void your warranty. The warranty might not matter now, but they're nice to have if your Xbox gets the three red light error.

Try these simple red ring of death fix suggestions before spending time or money on Xbox repair. These Xbox troubleshooting tips are free.

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