Gas lubricated bearings is to use gas as a lubricant

by:Ultimate     2020-11-22

Most of the bearings pumping bad for many reasons - beyond the original estimate of the load, non-effective seal, too tight with too small a result of bearing clearance and so on. These factors in any particular damage type has its special place and will be signs of damage. Therefore, the view axis of the bearing damage, in most cases can be found because of the possible lead on the whole, one third of the bearing damage due to fatigue damage lead, while one third of the lead due to the poor lubrication, and other one third of the lead contaminants into the bearing due to improper handling or installation.

However, these damage types also other related industries. For example, the pulp and paper industry largely due to poor lubrication or semi-pollution damage to the bearing and not due to fatigue caused. Bearings are precision components, which require the use of considerably when a cautious attitude, even with the high-performance bearings, if used improperly, can not meet the expected performance results, and easy to bearing damage. Therefore, the use of bearings should note the following:

A, use the installation does not allow force to be seriously careful pressing, does not allow a direct hit with a hammer bearing, does not allow pass through the rolling pressure.

B, using appropriate and accurate tools to make use of special tools to install, try to avoid using the cloth and staple fibers and the like. Fourth, to prevent corrosion of bearings when the bearings get your hand to fully wash hands sweat, and then coated with high-quality mineral oil to operate, especially in the rainy season and the summer rust.

However, in certain special operating conditions, the bearings can get a longer life span of the traditional calculation, especially in light load conditions. These special operating conditions that, when the rolling surface (track and rolling pieces) are effectively separated by a lubricant film and limit pollutants could lead to surface damage. In fact, in ideal conditions, the so-called permanent bearing life is possible.

Roller bearing life and longevity to rotation (or under a certain speed the number of hours of work) Definitions: In this life within the bearing, should any bearing ring or rolling on the occurrence of the initial fatigue damage (spalling or defect). However, in the laboratory test or in actual use, can clearly see that the same working conditions in the appearance of the same bearing, very different from the actual life. There are also several different definitions of bearing 'life,' one of the so-called 'working life', it said that a bearing can be achieved before the damage is the actual life of wear, damage is usually caused not by fatigue, but by the wear and tear, corrosion, seal damage and other causes.

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