Concrete floors are becoming more and more popular

by:Ultimate     2020-11-18

Unlike wood floors, concrete floors may not require a regular rigorous cleaning process. Periodic cleaning is still important to enhance its service life and beauty. Usually, dust particles may not damage the concrete due to its durability. However, oil, grease and other stains can cause severe problems such as freeze-thaw damage if not cleaned in time.

Some important factors that pinpoint the importance of sealing concrete floors are listed below:

- Oil and grease stains have the ability to penetrate into the concrete surface within a short span of time and can create cracks, free-thaw damage and more. Sealing prevents the oil and other stains from penetrating into the surface. Usually, driveway concrete floors are subjected to frequent oil and grease stains, sealing decorative concrete driveways not only secures your floor but can reduce maintenance cost too.

- A proper sealing repels the water and protects the floor from severe water damages. High quality sealing materials can last longer and protect the floor for a long time.

- Concrete floors that are sealed can protect the floor from dust and other impurities which can cause external damages.

- Sealing also helps to protect the floor from abrasion and sunlight exposure. High amount of sun rays can fade the color and glow of the concrete surfaces, while sealing shields the floor and prevents the rays from damaging the floors.

- Sealed concrete floors can retain the beauty and service life of the floors for many more years without the need for frequent maintenance.

These are some important factors that pinpoint the importance of sealing concrete floors.

Steps to be carried out before sealing:

- Start to sweep the concrete floors to get rid of dust, wax, mud and other impurities. For dense oil or grease stain make use of warm water and soap to wash the surface properly. After washing, rinse the surface to get rid of soap residues.

- Finally, remove the existing paints or coating properly for improved results.

- You need to saturate the surface properly using water before acid etching.

Remember, ineffective sealing may not protect the floor for a long period. So, choose professional sealing specialist to carry out the process.

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