Blue Magic and Black Natural Hair

by:Ultimate     2020-11-25
Grease is back and I love it!I have been \"natural\" since 2010 and one of the first natural hair taboos I have learned is oil and mineral oil!This means that the product I grew up with and loved is no longer an option.You will find in my earliest hair product review that I went to my bathroom cabinet and not only Unplugged, but also discarded or presented any products containing oil, mineral oil, alcohol, and sulfuric acid (shampoo ).I didn\'t realize until now that I might have taken it too.
Hair grease is fast or rash.
Curly Nikki, a famous natural hair guru and blogger, has aroused my interest in the whole hair grease wash my hair or shampoo, apply a Tresemme conditioner and rinse some hair.Then apply a lot of blue magic organic on my endDimension part and twist.
Cover your hair at night.
Untie hair in the morning and in style.
The hair is soft and shiny.
After doing more research, I decided to only use the blue magic organic Super Sure on my hair and only use my Tresemme Moisture Conditioner for a month!My challenge starts with Thanksgiving and I still stick to this way of life and love it!I immediately noticed that I am using only two products now, not two or three or four natural hair products to achieve the look I want.Second, costUnparalleled efficiency!Today\'s twist is $11.A bottle of $99 per 8 ounces and a bottle of Tresemme 32 ounces cost me $5.
99 at Walmart.
Blue Magic is $1.
99 buy a 12 oz jar and I \'ve been using it since Thanksgiving and only used less than an 8 oz jar.By contrast, $23.Buy an 8 oz can of weird curly cream frozen gel at 00!The price point is something that has no brain!I also immediately noticed that with the \"all natural\" hair products, my hair would turn into a pompball by noon.Therefore, it is necessary to spray or re-apply the hair gel during the day to suppress rashness.
With Blue Magic and Tresemme I can go for a few days without having to apply a moisturizer.However, because I am addicted to adding water to my hair every night, I spray it gently with water, place my plastic hair cap, cover my hair at night, wake up refreshed, soft and shiny curls!The Blue Magic organic plant provides the perfect shape for hair and scalp.It can relieve itching and dryness of the scalp and help prevent dandruff.
Also, your hair becomes very shiny and shiny.The list of herbal ingredients is very long, including: coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, Japanese green tea, cannabis root extract, safflower oil, aloe vera, clove, echin chrysanthemum, fenugreek and kola nut extract.Hugenella-Gang here!It\'s exciting that \"natural products\" naturalists throw a few bottles of high thereEnd the \"nature\" product and return to their first love!The common repeating phrase is \"my mom weaves my hair with water (selected grease) and my hair grows long!It was a major taboo at the time and now, how it worked!I tried Carol\'s daughter, Mixed Chicks, curly hair, quirky curly hair, shea butter and some other high moistureEnd the natural product without getting close to the great achievements made by the Blue Devils.
I don\'t apply blue magic to my scalp, just about an inch from my scalp to the end of my hair.Remember, you don\'t need a lot of products, just apply and seal the moisture in your hair (choose a water/moisturizer) is enough!I usually comb my hair with water/oil/glycerin every night and find that I don\'t need to freshen my hairApply blue magic again until I wash or unitewashed my hair.Because I wash or cooperateWash hair twice a week and I have no issues or concerns about the build of the productup.
There is the biggest debate about oil and minerals.However, both are \"natural\" substances.They are filtered and cleaned for everyday products such as hair grease.Although we apply natural products to basic \"dead\" hair, it is just an unhealthy option!However, I advocate the use of jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil on the scalp, not oil or mineral oil.
Dispute between hair grease and hair greaseNatural products become very hostile.It is very expensive to choose to use only natural products.Therefore, as with any product, cost and product performance are a determinant.
Even Miss Jessie uses mineral oil in some of her products because of its sealing properties!If you want a natural replacement that will have a similar effect on your hair grease, you should try shea butter.I just found out that if you apply too much, build-Rising is also a risk.It has long been thought of as a moisturizer, but it is not because it contains \"no water\" but an excellent sealant.
UPDATE --I \'ve been using the Tresemme conditioner Blue Magic conditioner until I went to one or two weeks agoThe stock is screwed for two weeks.The next week I washed my hair with \"natural hair care products\" and \"retwi.Needless to say, by the end of the second week, my hair fell off, which seems to be a lot, but the twist of two weeks is indeed a normal amount of shedding.
The next day, after removing the twists and turns and shampoo with Tresemme mango shampoo (low sulfuric acid), I left some Tresemme conditioner in it and used Cantu SheaAs a stylist.On top of that, I also used Eco Styler Moroccan Argon Gel and remember that Cantu did play well with other oils --I use a lot of Eco Styler gel based on the product.By the end of the day, the hair is fluffy, but the city behind my hair is fluffy!So that night, IWash my hair big enough to take out the gel and apply the Hydratherma Moisturizer als Moisturizer and then make two large --The strands were screwed over, covered with plastic caps, and went to bed.
I didn\'t get my hair down the next morning.Put on my hat, put on my knit hat and go to work.Took hair down.Hair was well-Moist, soft, shiny.Now go straight away with blue magic, Tresemme conditioner and/or Giovanni-It will be my daily life.
I\\\'m well-Satisfied with my results!My problem is that many \"natural\" people have been using hair oil and are ashamed to admit it.Now, using the natural hair grease of the sisters is coming out of the closet with Blue Magic, Dax and royal crown in hand.As always, we must be aware of the freedom to choose and the ability to change our minds if we choose!Peace!.
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