Bicycle is one of the most popular and oldest

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Cycles have different components though not as complicated as automobiles. It is quite easy to understand the different bicycle parts and its functions. The following sections of the article highlight some of the most important components found in a cycle.

Bicycle Parts- Understanding the Different Components

Cycle Frame: One of the most important bicycle parts include the cycle frame on which the entire components are fitted. It is actually the base structure of the cycle. Different cycles or bikes have different types of frames. The diamond frame is the most modern and common type of cycle frame found in most of the cycles. The diamond frame includes two types of triangles- a rear triangle and a main triangle.

Wheels: Other important bicycle parts include the wheels which are quite indispensable. There are two wheels for a cycle or bike which is known as the wheel set. Wheels also consist of different components which include the carbon fiber rim, hub, wire tension spokes and the axle. Wheels include a rubber tube filled with air. Wire wheels are generally used on cycles although there are many other varieties of wheels available in the markets today. Many of the online stores also showcase a variety of wheels at affordable price rates.

Brakes: Bicycle parts also comprise of brakes which is one of the most vital parts of a cycle. There are various types of cycle brakes. Some of the most common types of brakes are disc brake, drum brake, rim brake and so forth. Brake system is very crucial in a bike or cycle as it helps to stop or slow down the vehicle. When the rider applies the brake, friction is applied to the braking pads which are attached to the rim of the wheel, this helps to slow down the cycle and eventually bring it to a halt. The brakes are usually attached to the handlebar of the cycle and can be activated by the riders.

Cycle chain: Most of the cycles have chains which transfer power from the pedals to the wheels to move the cycle. Chains are also included among the list of important bicycle parts. It is necessary to lubricate the cycle chain so that the cycles perform better and faster.

Pedal: The pedals are turned by the rider to move the cycle. It is fixed in the centre of the cycle frame and propels the bike forward.

Handlebars of the cycle: The handlebar provides adequate support to the rider and helps him to steer in various directions.

Other bicycle parts include the front light, back light, reflector, ball bearings and cog. All these parts can be bought easily from online stores through various sellers listed in many of the reliable business portals at reasonable prices.

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