Belly Button Ring, Understanding Belly Button

by:Ultimate     2020-11-23

Types of mechanisms: This refers to the way in which your belly button ring would be opened and closed. As of today, there are three main types of mechanisms used for belly rings. The first is the 'screwable' type where, one portion of the stem has a screw portion that screws into the belly button ring. The second type of mechanism is where, a curved stem passes through the hollow tube in the belly button ring. Such belly rings cannot be screwed into place and care should be taken to understand, how to open and close the belly button ring. A recent development has seen belly button rings that, do not require a piercing to be made on the skin. Such a belly button ring would have a 'clip on' mechanism that is very similar to the clip on type of earrings. Importance of craftsmanship: Buyers generally believe that, good craftsmanship is required only to ensure an attractive external appearance. Jewelers are aware that durability and safety also require skilled worksmanship but, they prefer not to educate buyers. For example, firm mounting of the gemstone or diamond in your belly button ring will require the experience of a skilled craftsman. The design of your belly button ring might be excellent, but things like sharp or jagged edges and end points could make it dangerous to wear. Loosely mounted diamonds or gemstones in your belly ring could loosen and drop off, this could result in expensive repairs and replacements. When you choose a belly button ring remember that, good craftsmanship is as important as the design and gemstone options. You should also know that mass produced belly button rings cannot provide good craftsmanship. The intense concentration required to produce a good quality belly button ring can come only with a true custom belly button ring. None of the above information is sales talk, it is useful information aimed at guiding you make the right choice when choosing your belly button ring. Most jewellers would not care to provide such detailed information about a belly button ring. You can look for a jeweller who you feel comfortable with, make sure that you know how to evaluate belly button rings before you buy one. You can see some well designed and crafted belly button rings on this link. Observe the features of these belly button rings and include your own preferences before buying a belly button jewel. You will also see two very popular types of mechanisms for opening and closing belly button rings.

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