Atlantis Ring is a ring of euphoric waves, which

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Shapes and symbols are known to resonate and generate specific vibration frequencies. The design of this ring is such that it acts as a spear to the external forces and as a shield to the user from these inimical forces.


The properties of the ring are exceptional and can be bifurcated in the following three domains.

Healing: The healing ability of this ring is it relieves pain. To enhance the effects, you first need to know the symbolic nexus of each finger with the related organ and their functions. For instance, the third finger represents the urinary and reproductive system.

Protection: The ring covers you from evil spells and danger.

Intuition: The individual wearing the ring becomes vulnerable to telepathy and metaphysical transmissions.

How Does it Work?

The two isosceles triangles, six pyramids, three bars, two holes which are tucked up inside in this ring have specific functions.

The pyramids boost, accumulate, pick-up and give out cosmic energy through the means of electromagnetic vibrations whereas the triangles blend the six pyramids and form a net which condenses the cosmic energy accumulated by the pyramids and circulate it on two sides of the triangle.

The isosceles triangles in the pyramids purify the energies and make them positive then go into

the ring from the holes of the vertices.


Generally, this ring is supposed to protect the user from misfortune, harm and accidents. In addition, this ring also affects others in a positive manner, promotes happiness and health, and creates a positive aura.

Atlantis Ring, with its innate features and qualities, has carved out a separate niche for itself in the arena of rings and kabbalah jewelry

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