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We will now provide a few simple instructions on, how to clean an emerald ring. Keep the above mentioned properties of the emerald gemstone in mind and the whole process gets a lot simpler. Take a small bowl of clean and cool (room temperature is fine) water, keep a soft clean and dry cloth at hand. Dip the emerald ring in the water bowl for a about 10 seconds and take it out. Place it on the clean and soft cloth and gently dab it dry. If prongs are used to set the emerald gemstone, be sure not to let the cloth get stuck in the prongs. This might cause the prongs to open up and loosen the gemstone. Cleaning an emerald ring should not be done more than once or twice a month. Never use soap water or other detergents when to clean your emerald ring, these solvents could affect the oils in the gemstone. Also remember not to soak the emerald ring for more than 8 to 10 seconds during the cleaning process. It is not advisable to clean emerald rings in ultrasonic cleaners so keep the ring away from such equipment.

In general, your emerald ring will not be a cheap jewel. For this reason, reserve it for special occassions and it will not require cleaning very often. Chemicals in hair and perfume sprays could also affect the emerald gemstone. For this reason, let your emerald ring be the last thing that you wear when dressing up. And, let it be the first thing that you take off when you return home. Every gemstone has it's own characteristics, understanding these will allow you to get maximum satisfaction from your jewelry. Now that you have a better understanding of how to clean an emerald ring, get some excellent design ideas and useful information regarding emerald rings at this link:

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