An opal claddagh ring would be a gorgeous jewel

by:Ultimate     2020-11-20

Type Of Mounting For The Opal Gemstone.Most jewellers prefer to use prong settings for gemstones. This is mainly done to save on metal weight and therefore lower costs. However, the best type of gemstone mounting for your opal claddagh ring would be where, the entire gemstone is bordered with silver or gold. This will protect the gemstone from chipping with side impact, remember that the edge of a gemstone is most often the thinnest part of the gemstone too. Compromising on metal weight might get you a claddagh ring that is initially cheap, however frequent repairs and replacements in the long run will add to the final cost. If you are working with a limited budget, a good quality well designed silver opal claddagh ring, is a better choice as compared to a light weight and flimsy gold claddagh opal ring. There is no reason why a silver claddagh ring should have bad craftsmanship or a low grade opal gemstone, this is the truth no matter what your jeweller tries to tell you. Looking After Your Opal Claddagh Ring.Every gemstone jewel will need to consider the characteristics and properties of the gemstone when wearing, storing or cleaning the jewel. You will therefore need to understand the nature of opal gemstones, this will allow you to have an opal claddagh ring that looks gorgeous many years from now. Much of the beauty and color flashes of the opal gemstone are created by the moisture content in opals. It is therefore important to keep your opal claddagh ring away from strong heat or heat sources. Heat can cause the moisture to dry, this would leave the opal looking pale and dull. When cleaning your opal claddagh ring, soak the ring in plain cool water for a minute or two. Pick the ring up and gently dab it dry with a soft cloth, make sure that the cloth has no buttons or metal clips as these could scratch the opal gemstone. Do not use detergents and other cleaning solutions to clean your opal claddagh ring. Ultrasonic cleaners, blowers and dryers should also not be used for any type of opal ring. If the gemstone in your gold or silver opal claddagh ring has prongs to set the gemstone, ensure that the cloth does not get caught in the prongs. This could result in the prongs opening up and loosening the gemstone. We have already mentioned above that, a mounting where the entire opal is bordered with metal is better than a prong type of mounting. In case of a silver opal claddagh ring, a ring with no rhodium or other plating is the best choice. You can reduce or eliminate silver tarnish by occassionally wiping the ring with a soft moist cloth. The cloth should be soft without any hard objects like clips and pins, there is no need to make the cloth dripping wet. You can see a collection of gold and silver opal claddagh rings at this link. the detailed information provided for each of these claddagh opal rings. This will allow you to evaluate various opal claddagh rings before you make a final selection. This article is not meant to get us your opal claddagh ring order, all we expect you to do is to make a well informed decision. The above information is compiled by and the world's leading online providers of high end custom jewelry. All jewelry is custom made in gold or sterling silver with gemstones of your choice.

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