about scuba tank o-rings

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The o-
The ring on the scuba water tank exists to create a seal between the scuba water tank valve and the first phase of the scuba regulator.
They have similar functions as washers.
No these o
The small space will exist, and the air will escape through this space.
Composition and description of diving tank
It looks like a round black rubber ring with the letter \"o.
\"Normally they are about 2 cm centimeters to 3/4 in diameter, soft and soft. MaintenanceO-
The ring is simple and cheap to maintain.
Usually, divers apply a thin layer of silicon coating.
After use every few times, based on lubricant to prevent crack formation and maintain o-
Soft and soft ring.
Replace your o-
The ring has been discolored, brittle or cracked, please replace. Tank o-
There are many rings in scuba diving shops.
Use only fingers or soft metal tools designed for o-
Replace the ring, otherwise the device may be damaged.
Cause of failure-
The ring will naturally degrade with use or exposure to sunlight and salt air.
It is recommended that you keep a few fresh ones in the diving kit.
You never know when your tank
The ring may need to be replaced.
If your o-
The ring fails when diving, which can cause air release in the scuba tank.
This can lead to an air emergency that puts divers drowning or at risk of a stress relief disease.
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