a short history of endeavour

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The space shuttle Endeavour will begin its final journey on Wednesday, flying at a height of 747 on its way to the California Science Center.
It will stop a lot along the way.
NASA said the Endeavour was scheduled to leave on Monday but was delayed due to the expected bad weather on Monday and Tuesday.
The space shuttle was born from tragedy.
If it weren\'t for the terrible disaster of the cold January 1 Morning of 1986, it would never have been built.
After the Challenger accident
President Reagan has vowed that the space shuttle program will continue and that the new space shuttle will replace the lost space shuttle in the United States.
The fifth orbiter to be built, designated as an orbiter 105 or OV-105.
The Endeavour, named after the first ship under the command of British explorer James Cook, was launched in 1991 for $1 from the assembly plant in Palmdale, California. 7 billion.
In the next 20 years, endeavor flew to some of the highest places.
Introduction to the shuttle task in history.
The Endeavour flew 25 times and nearly 0. 123 billion miles.
It carried out space missions and many international space station assembly missions, and even joined Russia\'s Mir space station.
The first flight of endeavor was filled with dramatic scenes.
The crew were sent to rescue a satellite trapped in a useless orbit.
During two consecutive spacewalks, the satellite swayed and the astronauts could not connect the capture pole.
In the third attempt, three astronauts, not two, pursued the communication satellite of the international communications satellite organization.
Rick Hibb, Thomas ekes and Pierre toot are all working hard.
Once entering the shuttle cargo bay, a new \"kick motor\" is connected and the satellite is released into the proper orbit.
Greg Johnson was the pilot of the last endeavor to take off to the International Space Station on 2011.
Johnson says the versatility of the car is one of its biggest assets.
\"We have put satellites into orbit.
We have mapped the entire terrain of the Earth.
We used the Hubble Space Telescope and had several repairs to it.
We built this huge space station.
The car has finished its work.
\"In fact, endeavor was used in the first Hubble service mission.
It turned out to be one of the most challenging projects in the history of the space shuttle program.
In order to upgrade and replace the telescope, five spacewalks are required for a total of 35 and a half hours.
The spacewalk is carried out by astronaut stories masgrave, Jeff Hoffman, Kathy Thornton, and Thomas axe.
Personal team for five consecutive days.
Mike Fink took the last flight of endeavor as a mission specialist.
It was his first time on a space shuttle, although he spent a year at the International Space Station after boarding the Russian alliance.
These people have finished their work, but they are cramped and do not leave much room for maneuver.
Fink soon discovered that the shuttle was the Rolls-Royce of the spaceship.
\"There\'s legroom on the thing.
There\'s a glass cockpit.
It has a robot arm.
It can fly to the Hubble Space Telescope or the space station.
It can land anywhere on a planet with a runway.
It is an amazing device of any size.
\"Mark Kelly directed the last endeavor flight.
His wife, Arizona congressman Gabrielle GIF Fords, was shot dead by a gunman at a supermarket a few months before the last flight of endeavor.
After discussing with family, friends and wife, Kelly decided to continue flying.
Kelly, like all other astronauts, talked about the amazing performance of the car.
He also joked about the last flight of endeavor and made sure no one had \"Sticky Fingers \".
He said, \"You know, when you fly to the bone yard in the desert, they say don\'t take anything off.
You get the briefing in advance.
I will do the same thing as my crew, \"You have to leave and make sure everything in the museum is in good condition.
We won\'t sign anything.
\"In a way, endeavor realized a dream and closed a circle.
In 2008, Barbara Morgan became the first educator and astronaut to fly on a space shuttle.
She\'s behind the scenes.
The space teacher Christa mcliffe was responsible for the death of the challenger.
Morgan eventually drove the car that was built to replace it.
I was frustrated by this article.
I believe the name of the ship is also very important.
I remember how it was named because I have thousands of other sixth graders besides naming it.
We were asked to participate, write an article, and write a short play on why we thought our name was the best.
My class is a class that chooses to forge ahead, my class is not selected, but I think what name it is will be selected, how it is named, and this is with its history.
The name gives hope to many children who used to aspire to be astronauts, and then watch the Challenger explode, many people change their minds, but the name gives them hope.
I agree with you.
It\'s also a shame that Texas doesn\'t have a shuttle.
There should be a Johnson Space Center in Houston.
It\'s easy why it\'s New York. . . . .
In my opinion, it\'s all about money! ! !
On the ice!
You did a good job in your efforts.
Enjoy your retirement time.
We will never forget the miracle you have achieved.
Roger forge ahead, over and over again.
I look forward to seeing forge ahead in Los Angeles this Friday.
I can only imagine how many people will try to get to the Los Angeles International Airport;
I\'m glad I worked nearby.
Before landing, it will go through a number of space travel-related sites, as well as related technologies such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and the Edwards Air Force Base, the space shuttle landed in many missions, including the \"return to space\" mission on September/October 1988.
OK, why is this going to the Science Center in California instead of staying at the Science Center in Florida?
I live in Michigan and I have visited other states in the hope of finding artifacts in the appropriate states like shuttle launch and return to Florida.
I won\'t go to California and say, oh, show me where the shuttle was launched.
Hey kids, let\'s visit the Kennedy Space Center and check out the shuttle. . .
Oh wait, the damn thing is \"there\'s nothing good going on in California space flight \".
Discovery is located at the Kennedy hotel in Florida.
There are three shuttles.
It makes sense to share the wealth and knowledge of space programs.
Here\'s the official data: Kennedy decided to keep the Atlanta, Discovery at Udvar-
The Hazy Center, part of the Aerospace Museum, will travel to the California Science Center.
Thanks for reading!
Sophia Dunge, CNN correspondent
Don\'t forget, the business is now at the fearless Museum in New York.
The Endeavour was built in Palmdale, northeast of Los Angeles.
That\'s why there is one here. Please re-
Read this article.
He said California has nothing to do with the space program.
Founded in Camdale, California, ensafur is also known as the mohaveli desert.
As others have mentioned, you can visit 3 places in total.
Oh my God, how many billion dollars did we spend for Russia to get our launch done?
Liberals want the money to be wasted on more productive causes such as welfare.
As a country, we have withdrawn from the space program.
This project brings more life-saving equipment and technology than any other project in human history.
In the world, both private and public, more jobs are created than any politician.
Including the Army and Navy.
This prompted our country to become the greatest technology in the world, except for the last conservative of the Democratic Party.
You know, it\'s not a good thing for a Democrat to think that lowering taxes is good for the economy, reducing the welfare population, killing babies, you know, John F.
Kennedy, NASA is being scrapped in order to fund stupid projects that don\'t do anything but throw money into the pockets of politicians.
Of course, these people have never even passed the simplest science curriculum in primary school.
What does your comment have to do with mine?
I have never said that I am a liberal or that I live in California.
There are two strikes in your comments. I just sneezed.
The government just hit another $1.
7 billion about \"things \".
Even though I enjoyed watching the shuttle fly around and get home from my comfortable living room, even though it brought a lot of great stuff, it looked like a very expensive horn on the surface.
NASA can\'t drive it as often as they think.
There are major communication problems inside NASA, resulting in two orbital vehicles-O-
For example, the ring problem was known to NASA and Morton tiokor engineers as early as 1977, but never upgraded to the top of NASA.
It does limit what Americans can do in space.
No doubt it\'s a good idea to be able to reuse the spaceship instead of going to one
Like Apollo and the league.
But in the end, it becomes a bigger nightmare than people want to believe.
The shuttle has an effect.
The PEPCON disaster of 1988 directly led to an excessive supply of ammonium chloride, a compound used in the solid fuel of the state storage unit, if I am right-this material is packed in a container, an oxide used as a fuel.
Because no one at NASA told PEPCON to cut production of ammonium chloride, a welder\'s torch caused damage to the plant.
Yeah, there was an ammonia explosion in Texas. Stuff happens.
Don\'t blame it on the shuttle program, blame it on people who don\'t take the time to make sure things are right, and they will fix things if needed. Boondoggle? ? ? ?
The only error here is the stupid failure to continue a successful project with features that are not available elsewhere.
This is the failure of the US leadership.
The money we borrow is far from the money we spend.
It\'s time to support some soccer teams to explore more space. I must agree.
Although we have done all the amazing things through the shuttle project, it is still a failure as a whole when it reaches expectations, costs and weight --ability.
The cost of overhaul and repair of the \"used\" space shuttle is about five times as much as expected.
Some NASA officials even said it would be cheaper to build a brand new shuttle in some cases, rather than making a used shuttle valuable again.
I am still very proud of all the staff of the shuttle and the engineers of NASA.
But if the project does not meet expectations, who knows where it will be now.
It is often forgotten that the shuttle also carries military missions such as spy satellites.
So what\'s your point?
Yes, they brought a lot of things and did a good job.
The men and women who created them deserve our thanks instead of complaining that every country has a bad spy sitting there.
Before the Challenger disaster, the Defense Department did rely on the shuttle to get some payload.
The challenger\'s loss not only prompted the Defense Department to start relying entirely on consumables boosters;
It also killed the idea of using Vandenberg Air Force Base for polar warfare in California.
Launch of orbital space shuttle
The Space Launch Center 6 in Vandenberg has been equipped with space shuttles.
The Challenger disaster, coupled with design flaws that could lead to hydrogen build-up during the ignition process, destroyed these plans.
This is very interesting.
Thank you for your post. 1. 7 billion.
Or 4 out of 5 for a single B2 bomber (
We have 21).
When will the United States be able to identify its priorities and exchange them with our science and military budgets?
Because if there is no army, the Chinese will come here to learn our science.
Instead of having students steal it).
This is the case.
They already have a fifth-generation fighter.
Not even Russia.
What kind of expeditionary force do you want the Chinese to use to steal all the secrets of the United States?
Yes, it is said that they have a lot of manpower, but they have various means to transfer them, and of course there is no way to control the population of 0. 3 billion.
$1991. The B-2 was (roughly)
If we exchange military and scientific budgets, our defense is still very powerful.
There is also a word: \"reality \".
Space shuttle volume-Royce?
This is a good analogy because Royce is a symbol of wasting money to show off.
There are too many crew members flying the shuttle, and most of their time is spent on PR stunts, such as teacher and primary school experiments, and launching vehicles that could have been launched with driverless cars.
They don\'t need human driving because astronauts know that chimpanzees and dogs have enough expertise in the past and have automated systems when the shuttle is flying.
It\'s not so much a Rolls Royce as a Lincoln Navigator.
Most means of transport can be considered Royce-compared to the alliance-like.
But the luxury label aside, the shuttle does something that automation will never do-it takes people, real people, to make unpredictable judgments and fine-tune solutions for the planet.
Programmers and scientists.
You run counter to the amazing cost of human space travel, but you ignore stupid things --
The nature and failure rate of robotic exploration still exist, even with these.
Yes, the space shuttle has never been low.
The cost \"space truck\" that was proposed to us a long time ago \".
But the answer is not a robot.
The answer is to make a better truck. Yup!
PR gimmicks that interest the public in space travel, get space programs funded and lead to developments such as the Internet and international telephones, not to mention 100 of other patents that directly improve the US economy. .
Considering the contribution of the supporting industries that will not exist without the shuttle program to the us gdp, NASA already has 1000-
The return on investment in the project is doubled.
Don\'t be worn out because of what you think is wasted.
It sounds like someone has a serious \"shuttle envy\" case. . .
Those who are becoming more and more aware of what a magical machine we miss so much will soon drown out criticism of the space shuttle if they haven\'t.
The basic problems of the space shuttle can be traced back to cost.
In its origin, it leads to its strange cutting measures-looking (
Compared with before, it will definitely be in the future)
At launch, the shuttle orbiter is next to it, not at the top of the fuel tank.
This configuration was directly involved in two space shuttle accidents, whether it was a challenger explosion fuel tank made by the National Petroleum Corporation of the United States.
Ring, an orbiter on the fuel tank can survive, or a fuel tank insulation strike in Colombia, which will not happen at all in a more sensible configuration.
The bottom line is that when building a manned spacecraft, we should never cut corners for cost reasons. Awwwww.
It sounds like your feelings are hurting and they don\'t choose you.
The space program has brought a lot of technology to the world and cost a lot of money. in general).
Sometimes, keeping the human eye on what is happening can provide important information for current and future tasks.
What\'s more, it\'s cool for people to fly in space.
I\'m sorry, you\'re a smug fool-must have stinked at you.
Wow, I always thought all the PR guys were a little small.
Haha, I don\'t think educated people have a bad view of great technology because they can\'t understand human achievements.
This will put uneducated people at the same level as chimpanzees and dogs.
But I met some really smart dogs again and their owners looked stupid.
RR makes more money than cars!
What I have to say in order to completely refute your argument is: the Hubble repair mission.
I remember staying in bed while I was sleeping, watching in awe a pair of astronauts move large modules in place to fix Hubble\'s optics.
Without a robotic device, it was not even possible at the time, to be able to perform these tasks flexibly, not to mention the intelligence about closed doors.
Along the way is the best stroke in genius and exhibition Engineering.
Although the space shuttle is an expensive way to go into space, I would prefer to go into space like this than on the Union. Just my $0. 02 worth . . .
Is the inherent problem of the space shuttle too big?
No, the inherent problem with the space shuttle is that it hinders further development of space flight and limits us to low Earth orbit.
For 30 years, nothing has happened in space technology. Now we basically don\'t have space projects at all. . . .
So far, we should have reached Mars and completed manned missions, and we should build some kind of spacecraft in Earth orbit, carrying out many missions around the solar system. . . .
In the face of reality, we lost our way in space exploration in 1970s. . . .
Are you kidding?
Already landed on Mars?
Wow, you\'re a science fiction guy.
Do you know what kind of technology is needed for flight?
Not that space shuttles limit human creativity, but that limited human creativity prevents space programs from developing faster travel.
Since it takes time to reach Mars, sending humans to Mars is basically the death penalty.
We have no knowledge of speeding (warp)speed travel.
We can\'t get close to the so-called \"warp\" speed (light speed).
Blackbird is known to be the fastest aircraft, flying at about Mach 3.
5 times the sound speed, much slower than the speed required to travel Star Trek.
Stop reading science fiction and expect it to be relevant to real life.
You should read a few books and try to write a little more dreams.
You do realize that you can travel much faster than blackbirds when you leave the Earth\'s atmosphere and gravity.
Blackbird is the fastest flying plane in the atmosphere.
Anything on Earth\'s orbit needs to travel at about 17,500 miles an hour to stay there, about Mach 23.
They have decided that they can be around 4-6 months.
Pick up a book and make a trip.
\"Mach 4, about Mach 3.
5 times the sound speed. . .
\"Really, there are only 3. 5 times? Really?
Remember, we go to the Moon based on calculations made by people who have slide rules and log tables instead of supercomputers.
Depending on the size of the payload, the time it takes to travel to and from Mars, and the crew needed, it is feasible to fly to Mars.
At present, our technology may not support the actual landing. After returning to the itinerary, it will take several months and opportunities for the overpass with several tracks, not the week we went to the moon.
One possibility is to assemble any spacecraft we plan to use and launch from the International Space Station instead of from Earth.
Based on overcoming our gravity, these components can be shuttled through assembly and supply, much cheaper than the launch of such vehicles from Earth.
Think about it-if two bike manufacturers don\'t have a dream, it will take longer to realize the dream than flying in the air.
Apollo 10 created the highest speed record of 39,897 km/h (11.
08 km/h or 24,791 miles per hour).
This is much faster than the black bird, which is just a plane flying in the Earth\'s atmosphere.
Since World War II, the United States has invaded 60 countries.
In 1953, the United States overthrew Iran\'s democratic government and appointed Shah, a brutal Iranian dictator.
The United States has helped Shah establish secret police and killed thousands of Iranians. During Iran-
During the war in Iraq, the United States helped Saddam Hussein and killed 1 million Iranians.
The United States is the only country to shoot down Iranian civilian aircraft and kill all 290 passengers.
In 2003, the United States invaded Iraq, killing 1,000,000 innocent Iraqis and displaced 4,000,000 Iraqis.
The United States is now a failed country with huge debt.
Its debt will reach 24 trillion euros by 2015.
Every other day, a city in the United States declared bankruptcy.
Hahaha, the whole Middle East is still a toilet.
What is your point?
Stupidity and lack of any discipline or motivation, other than being killed by religious fanatics who don\'t even understand their own religious teachings, is this to some extent the fault of the United States?
Wake up and look in the mirror. Who\'s number 1?
Hahaha, what do you mean?
What the United States really needs is a new way of advancing space.
We need to figure out gravity.
This is where we need to spend money.
We need the super collider built in Texas.
This has already happened.
Please look Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz.
He is working on a new propulsion system.
The problem with the shuttle is that it is too big.
All of these surface areas create heat problems when re-heatingentry.
Not sure if there are new alternatives to solve this problem.
In contrast, the outdated modules of the Russians have been shown to be safer and cheaper to operate.
Maybe they should keep a smaller re-entry cabin for the crew, separate from the cargo cabin.
Cargo module can be remote-
Control back to Earth. The re-
The entry module can be put down separately or left in the car as an \"escape cabin \". The re-
The entrance module also acts as a \"start-up\" module, which may provide escape-
Pod ability if a problem is emitted.
Jdoe-the original design of the shuttle is about half the final version, cheaper and more fuel efficient than the final design!
It was the secret payload that the Pentagon decided that the original design was \"too small\" to accept that the space shuttle project was forced to accept!
The NASA space shuttle team did not get any choice and did not make any input to those specific \"requirements\" imposed for \"defense!
The reason for the Challenger disaster is O-Ring seals.
The booster is segmented so the work can be outsourced to other states.
This is political, not engineering.
No O for V2 rockets-Rings. . .
You see, they can\'t move the full length of the shuttle booster by train, so separate it! ! !
For quite some time, v2 exploded itself. rings or not.
You\'re comparing apples and oranges.
Few people realize that a large part of the entire space program is based on tragedy.
Start with German V2.
It means to me that we can go beyond hatred and corruption and find something good. huh-
Just show it, don\'t you? $1.
7 billion build a new space shuttle.
In 2011, a B2 Spirit stealth bomber is said to have spent $2.
4 billion pieces (
It has built 21.
It\'s sad that we can\'t spend so much money killing each other, but balk is refreshing the fleet of the shuttle and working on improving humanity.
I think this kind of rebound in the army is very ridiculous.
Of course, the stealth bombers, aircraft carriers and submarines we built are worth billions of dollars.
The point is that we want to never use them during war.
The goal is strategic deterrence.
Let countries know that we have the capacity to use such weapons.
As for the shuttle mission.
Unfortunately, this is a great history that has to end.
It is sad that the government has shown no real intention of continuing to explore space, but rather their interest in promoting social programs that strengthen government dependence.
Our species always value death more than we explore. Not true.
Our country has always attached importance to freedom and personal freedom, but unfortunately it has come at a huge price.
It was the brave men and women who fought and defended this great country that enabled the space mission to continue continuously over the years, even in the case of crises in the Middle East and Africa, Yugoslavia and the like.
We should applaud and thank them every day for their dedication and self-sacrifice, because without them, we will not be a free and independent country, good or bad, this is still the best country on earth! !
First of all, I am proud of being an American, proud of our army, and compassionate for the strength of others.
Interesting history on the space shuttle Endeavour.
The bad thing is, we know we\'re using Russian airlines old space capsules to get into space (
1960 technology)
Instead of building a new and better shuttle into space, maybe return to the moon. Who knows ?
Maybe the Dreamship will take off from the ground.
Moreover, I nominated the first Dreamcast shuttle to honor the space shuttle and Star Trek series to be named Enterprise \".
There is already a space shuttle called Enterprise.
This is the first complete one.
Simulated shuttle bus
For testing aerodynamics and other pre-
Production problems, but never really fly.
It glides and is actually flying to some extent.
The Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Virginia is a place worth seeing.
I\'m from Canada!
It is no longer in the Air and Space Museum.
I saw it take off from Duras airport a few months ago, at the back of 747, to New York and the fearless Museum of the sea, air and space.
It was replaced by the Smithsonian National Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Udvar-
The hazy center is in Virginia. Well said GT66.
We heard they are working on alternatives, but of course the budget cuts will end.
Imagine if we could tell Kennedy that American astronauts can only get to space by Russian rockets now. Tragic!
When the people of a great country care more about progress than about cutting government, it is a symbol of what a great country can do (and taxes ).
Thanks to the government\'s inflation and the over-expansion of taxes, great projects like the shuttle were eventually cut because other free and sacred cows absorbed all the resources.
Bill takes an economics class.
Watch Milton Friedman on Youtube and learn something.
I suspect that you would praise Milton Friedman if he were an \"independent little I and Democrat, not a Republican. Too much tax?
Are you talking about the ten-year tax incentives that stimulate our economy?
Oh wait, that\'s right. Tax breaks make millionaires and billionaires richer.
The truly sacred cow that drags down the federal budget is the war cow, which is about half to $1 trillion a year.
Better yet, when companies are more willing to help with the production of designed products than to deceive the government (people)
For profit! ! !
How the times change
If the war breaks out now, it will be difficult for us to do what we did in the second world war. In the second world war, enterprises should transform factories at the request of the government to achieve a common goal, production of war machines, not commercial
Sadly, how far have we fallen from the Greatest Generation.
We are slowly killing their spirits, memories and sacrifices.
I will always remember Hubble\'s service phone.
\"It\'s amazing enough that we can invent and put the Hubble telescope into orbit, but when it doesn\'t perform well (
On the one hand, it loses focus)
We have the ability to fix it in space.
All these great photos you see are the result of the fix.
Look at that machine.
Made in America.
The United States has vision, ambition, pioneering spirit and funding to achieve this goal.
Now we are a debt-ridden country, selling our jobs and our country to China, slowly falling into the third world status ruled by the fundamentalist shills, they just want to rip off the next dollar and ignite the overblown self at the same time.
We do this because we can. Yes we can!
Lightyear strives to tell stories about scientific research, discovery, space, and education.
This is yours. Reported on CNN.
For today\'s story, it is also a scientific perspective on news and everyday miracles.
Come and enjoy all the space and science that the CNN family brings you.
July 19 U. S. Department of Defense MUOS-
2 satellites, known for the large \"551\" configuration of AtlasAug 3rdJapanese HTV
4 cargo supply missions to the International Space Station 14 spacex launches the Canadian satellite for the first time from their new Vandenberg facility and the upgraded Falcon 9 v1 for the first time.
1 launch vehicle 28thDelta iv nrol-
65 spy satellites
36 crew members on an expedition back to Earth from the International Space Station (Kazakhstan)
ThOrbital science war early air cargo vehicle Antares rocket ISSSept month thSoyuz TMA-
The 10-meter flight launch expedition launched by Falcon 9v1 sent 38 crew members to ISSDec 9thSpaceX dragon. 1 on CRS-
3 mission to provide cargo to issrelcurringfirst, the first power test flight of a larger composite spacecraft, Virgin Galactic will be used for secondary
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