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A Gold Or Silver Claddagh Ring Mean The Same.

Firstly remember that, there is nothing to indicate that a silver claddagh ring has less meaning or significance as compared to a gold claddagh ring. The meaning of your claddagh ring is in the features of the ring. The heart shows love, the hands are a symbol of togetherness and the crown stands for loyalty. If your silver claddagh ring has these features, the meaning of the ring is no less than the meaning of a similar gold claddagh ring. So whether you buy a silver claddagh ring because you love silver jewelry or, just find it to be within your budget, rest assured that the ring would have the same meaning as a claddagh gold ring.

Need Not Compromise On Good Craftsmanship.

Find a jeweller who will respect your choice of a sterling silver claddagh ring. Most jewellers provide low quality craftsmanship for silver jewelry, this is done to make buyers believe that only gold rings can be made with good craftsmanship. There is no technical reason why a claddagh silver ring cannot be made with good craftsmanship. The craftsmanship for your silver claddagh ring will influence not only the external appearance of the ring but also, the firm mounting of the gemstone. A good sturdy and durable silver claddagh ring will need good craftsmanship as an essential component.

Gemstone Options To Select From.

Any gemstone that can be set in a gold claddagh ring can be set in a silver claddagh ring too. The gemstone for your claddagh sterling silver ring could be selected based on your color preference, birthstone or other beliefs and traditions. Jewellers generally provide different grade options for expensive gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite. If you are choosing a red garnet, blue topaz, smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline or iolite gemstone for your silver claddagh ring, insist on an eye clean gemstone. There is nothing wrong in choosing a synthetic man made gemstone for your claddagh sterling silver ring, as long as you know that the gemstone is not genuine and the price is based on this fact.

Weight That Is Proportionate To Ring Size And Dimensions.

Any jeweller would tell you that a good sturdy silver claddagh ring with good silver weight is better than, a light weight flimsy claddagh gold ring. And yet jewellers churn out light weight silver junk with low quality craftsmanship. For you as a buyer, it is best to choose a silver claddagh ring that has a good metal weight. This is vital for long term durability and firm gemstone mounting. The best gemstone mounting for a claddagh silver ring, would be to have the entire gemstone bordered with silver. A light weight silver claddagh ring would have a very thin silver mounting. This could bend or twist easily, it is also possible that such a deformation could loosen the gemstone in your claddagh sterling silver ring. A good design and good craftsmanship will ensure that, a silver claddagh ring with good metal weight does not look bulky.

Handling Silver Tarnish On Your Claddagh Silver Ring.

Tarnish is a natural occurence with all silver jewelry. It is a discoloration of the silver metal and can range from, a very light discoloration (barely visible) to a deep and dark color. You should know that, this is normal and can be cleaned quite easily. First of all, do not believe jewellers when they tell you that they have anti-tarnish coatings on your silver claddagh ring. Your ring could be plated with rhodium, gold or even platinum, it would look gorgeous when it is new. But the plating will soon wear off in patches and bits, this will make your silver claddagh ring look awful. A better way would be to avoid plating your claddagh sterling silver ring. To handle the tarnish, gently wipe your silver ring with a soft, moist cloth. Do not use a cloth that is dripping wet or a cloth that has sharp pins or hooks, these could scratch your claddagh ring. Do this around once a week and it will keep away the tarnish or leave it so mild that, it would be almost invisible to the naked eye. Do this and you would not end up with severe, dark tarnish that is best cleaned by a professional jeweller. There is one very interesting thing about a tarnished silver ring. When the design of the silver ring is based on an antique style, like the historic claddagh ring, a slight tarnish on the ring adds an antique touch to the ring. This would enhance the classic appearance of your silver claddagh ring.

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